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1. Social Biz Quick Start Checklist and Guide for Small Business Owners

Social networking tools (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are making it easier than ever to reach new customers and stay connected…
Today, social media is exploding and you can use it to add powerful tools and strategies to your small business marketing plan.
Best of all, it’s mostly free and can be put on autopilot.

Are you wandering around online wondering how to get started? Wasting time lost in the social media maze? Make sure to click on the link to get your Social Biz Checklist and Quick Start Guide for Small Business Owners.

(P.S. If you’re a network marketing professional, get a version just for you: Social Biz MLM Quick Start Guide.)

2. Why Social Networking–Free Action Guide

Let Nancy Marmolejo, online visibility expert, help you reach more people, more effectively, in less time. Free Action Guide: Learn how to use social networking to generate leads, build targeted traffic, build credibility, visibility, and so much more!

3. Outshine, Outperform, Outsell Your Competition with Offline and Online Marketing

Need a complete “content to profit” system that ties together all your fragmented marketing activities? Think you’d make more sales of your products and services if your marketing was more of a system and less of a pain in the neck, messy and leisure-consuming monster? Or is it just too quiet in your office and you’ve go no idea where to start?

Get this free report, a 16-page eBook and learn how you can Outshine, Outperform, Outsell Your Competition with Offline and Online Marketing.

Sign up and it’s on its way to you NOW.

Outshine! Outperform! Outsell!
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4. WordPress Beginner’s Checklist

Daryl Lozupone is a WordPress Wizard and he’s got the best deals for WordPress hosting and installation anywhere on the Internet, especially as you get his personal service when and if you run into trouble. Daryl’s the Wizard who keeps my WordPress world running smoothly and, even more valuable, Daryl knows how to make a whole chorus of web services work and sing together. Just today, he made my blog, membership program, new product packages and payment system all “hook up” and play nice! His genius is integration and automation.

Daryl offers a free checklist for beginning WordPress users, The WordPress Beginner’s Checklist. It’s an introduction to his newest product, WordPress BootCamp.
WordPress BootCamp

5. How to Get My Video on YouTube Now

Lou Bortone is the ORIGINAL Video Rock Star. His mission is to make sure you build a Rock-N-Rollin’ online brand using video. So, do it! Use his free giveaway from his site to get started with YouTube right away. But don’t stop there because Lou is both a Creative Genius AND a Traffic Genius. He knows how to use video’s power to BLAST traffic to your web site/marketing hub.

6. Robert Middleton’s Marketing Plan Workbook

My favorite Robert Middleton “product” is his Action Plan Marketing Club. It’s the best value on the planet if you are an independent professional who’s ready to implement a systematic marketing plan to attract more clients. As I write this, I’m participating in an 8-week program with weekly conference call, resources galore and a membership always ready to contribute what they’ve learned about “What Works”. And this is just one program and a small slice of the resources available to me because I’m a member of Robert’s Marketing Club.

Click on the banner below to be taken to the page at Action Plan Marketing where you can sign up to get Robert Middleton’s Marketing Plan Workbook. You’ll also get his weekly newsletter, More Clients, one of the best newsletters you’ve ever signed up for–and, of course, you can opt out any time you decide you’re getting too much email. BUT, why not opt out of something in your Inbox that’s less valuable? You’ll want to keep getting Robert’s More Clients newsletter forever.