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Dear Small Business Owner,

The world of online marketing changes at an alarming rate. Methods that earn you thousands of dollars today fail to work tomorrow, and techniques you haven’t thought of yet will be the hottest thing in a few weeks or months. It can be a challenge just to keep up.

One recent change that’s taking the online marketing world by storm is the use of social media. It was just a year ago that Facebook added “pages” and “like” buttons to their site and opened the door for marketers to take advantage of the huge volume of traffic Facebook enjoys.

Perhaps the most interesting, though, is the recent changes in how Google views social networking. With the added emphasis they’re putting on social search, it’s clear that social media is here to stay, and you need to embrace this new social marketing trend or risk being left behind.

Exploring the Social Media Platforms

Not all social media sites are created equally, and they don’t all attract the same audience. Learning which platforms are best suited for your market is a critical first step to effective social media marketing. Of course, there are hundreds to choose from. You could spend weeks signing up for each one, only to discover you’ve wasted your time.

For this report, I investigated the top platforms, including the three no business should be without. You’ll find a detailed analysis of each platform, including:

  • Demographics – there’s no sense spending time on MySpace if your audience is middle-aged women, because you won’t find any there!
  • The best uses for each, including which habits will quickly get you ignored – or worse!
  • Pro tips for effective, efficient socializing, including my secret self-talk that will help save you from embarrassment and regrets.

Beyond the Basics: Professional Social Media Tips and Tools

Right now you’re probably thinking you can’t possibly join, monitor, and interact on a bunch of different sites in 15 minutes per day. You’re right, of course – if you had to rely on the old-fashioned methods you’re probably used to.

There are better ways to manage your social media profiles, and section three will help you learn everything you need to know to make the best choice when it comes to software and systems. You’ll discover:

Social Media Profits Arrow Five “must have” apps designed to get your message out with ease – For every social media platform, there are dozens of apps purporting to help you connect. Unfortunately only a few of them are useful across a variety of sites.

The Pros and Cons of Automation – Sure, it’s easy (even more so with some of those apps I mentioned) but is it better? Over-systematizing your plan is a sure way to lose followers fast!

What you need to know about those handy link shorteners – they may be doing more harm than good.

Understanding the tools is just the start of an effective social media marketing campaign, though. You need to have a clearly defined plan to reach your target market with minimum effort and maximum engagement. And that’s just what we’re going to cover next.

Social Media Profits ... on Your Coffee Break


Building Your Personalized Social Media Marketing Plan

Just as social media sites differ in their demographics, expectations, and content, so too do businesses. Your market has come to expect certain things from you and your industry. Your customers are online at a specific time of day; they have a clearly defined set of needs; they ask the same questions. Uncovering these patterns is the first step in building your plan.

Inside Social Media Profits I’ve included worksheets to help you to develop a workable plan, including 13 thought-provoking questions about you and your market to help you discover:

Which networks to target – And which will be a waste of your valuable time.

The optimal days and times you should be available – And why the “appearance” of availability might not always be the best choice.

Specific people you want and need to reach out to – Because marketing to the masses is great, but on strategic joint venture can boost your sales far beyond what you can accomplish on your own.

There’s nothing overly complicated in building a social media plan, but you do need to know the steps. By following in my footsteps, you’ll avoid the learning curve I encountered when I got started, and save yourself weeks or even months of frustration and wasted energy – because you’ll know exactly where to concentrate your efforts before you even begin.

Flatten the Learning Curve and Maximize Your Return on Investment

With so many options available to you, it can seem overwhelming (and incredibly time consuming) to embark on a social media marketing campaign. Don’t let your worries hold you back another day. You can grow your business and your profits in just 15 minutes a day, using the social tools you probably already are using. This guide will show you how, by filling you in on things like:

Social Media Profits Cover

Social Media Profits Check Mark The one critical mistake marketers make in social media – and what to do instead.

The one thing that’s more important than a timer set to 15 minutes – and how to ensure you don’t lose sight of it.

How to ensure you’re providing great quality in your social interactions – because even the most loyal fans will stop listening if you’re constantly butting in or posting personal rants.

Three fatal flaws that will derail your plan before it gets rolling.

The type of update gaged most useless (this one will shock you) – and how to avoid making the same mistake!


Plus, you’ll get printable worksheets you can use to:

Uncover your real goals for using social media – because without a target, you can’t hope to get there.

The habits of your ideal customer – so you can reach her when she’s most likely to respond.

Your own 15 minute checklist you can use to manage, track, and analyze your results.

    Make no mistake, social media marketing is here to stay. If you’re not on board, you’ll quickly be left behind. With my easy-to-read, step-by-step plan to guide you, you’ll soon be leading the pack, and enjoying higher sales, greater profits, and a whole lot more fun in your business because of it.


I’m certain that every business can benefit from this guide, but if you find it doesn’t meet the needs of your business, you’ll be glad to know about my…

Money Back 30 Day Guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your purchase of my report comes with comes with my no-risk, 100%, unconditional money-back, 30-day guarantee!

My special report will help you plan and implement a social media marketing campaign for your business – in just 15 minutes per day.

But if, at any time during the next 30 days, you don’t feel it makes good on my promise, or helps you in any way, confidently ask for an instant refund.


Take the next step in your business by adding social media to your marketing mix. It doesn’t have to be a time-suck, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your return on the time you do invest. Don’t let your competition get ahead of you with this critical marketing tool – you might find you can’t ever catch up.


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