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3 Great Posts & a Video for Facebook Marketers: How to Engage and Interact with Your Facebook Page “LIKERS” & Fans

You've created a Facebook page for your business: Now what? How will you engage with people using your Facebook Page and grow an interactive community of fans and customers at Facebook? Here are 3 great blog posts and a video to help you plan your Facebook marketing strategies so that you get more LIKEs and grow a group of people eager to interact and engage with you and your business.
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Three Essential Elements for a Social Biz Foundation

Three Essential Elements for a Social Biz Foundation

Successful Small Business Marketing: Three Essential Elements for a Social Biz Foundation

Whether you are a small business owner, solo entrepreneur working, or internet marketer, there are three essential success factors, the elements for establishing a successful online presence and business enterprise:

1. You: your knowledge, experience and message.
2. Your audience: your target market…

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Let Them Eat Cake! More Small Business Success Stories

Small Business Success Stories: Baking Up a Storm Small cake bakery businesses successfully use social media marketing by developing a web presence with their web site as their marketing hub, blogging (sometimes with more pictures than words) and a universe of social media and mobile marketing sites as satellites where they contact and serve customers. They manage the time commitment needed to reap huge rewards.
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Small Business Social Media Marketing For Beginners

Every business requires marketing to promote their services or products. The internet has opened the door to many avenues of marketing strategies different from traditional business promotion. Small business social media marketing is one of the most popular and cost effective ways to reach thousands of potential customers with the click of a mouse.
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