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search engine optimization

No one wants to slave over content for our web pages and blog posts and discover that no one found it, read it or clicked through using our links. The whole point of writing website content that ranks is to get more visitors to our web pages who stay longer, sign up for our lists and come back to buy our products and services.

Here’s the list of ten SEO copywriting tips presented by in their InfoGraphic below and reported by Social Media Today:

  1. Write for users, optimize for robots.
  2. Forget about keyword density and keyword stuffing.
  3. Integrate related keywords, synonyms, and grammatical variations into your content.
  4. Use Google’s free tools to find long-tail keyword variations that you can blend into your site copy.
  5. Focus on writing long, in-depth, quality content.
  6. Target high quality low competition long-tail keywords.
  7. Write content that answer’s common questions from prospects.
  8. Get your content noticed and shared on social media platforms.
  9. Strive to build your AuthorRank and develop your Google+ profile.
  10. Don’t forget about title tags and meta descriptions, they are the first thing people typically see in search results.

While there is no simple formula for achieving top positions in search results, these tips will help appease both search engines and your site visitors. In addition to the tips above, focus on adding new and sharable content to your website or blog regularly. Google prefers websites that update their content on a regularly, so the more often that you update your website the more likely Google is to crawl your website.

Reference: Posted by Brianna Smith at Social Media Today,, June 10, 2013.