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12 Most Creative Ways to Engage Friends and Fans on Facebook

So, most of us can agree that social media is still in its infancy stages. I hear about a revolutionary start-up, it seems, just about every week. Some are intrigued by the influx of social media sites and tools, while others are put off by it. “It’s all just a fad,” they say. And, for the most part, they’re right. Social networking sites come and go. Apps come and go. Most platforms amount to nothing but short-lived hype.

Facebook is not one of those platforms. Facebook is not a fad. Regardless of how much of a novice you are in social media, you must have at least heard of Facebook. Most people and business owners, even if they have not bought into the social media model as a whole, have created accounts on Facebook. Whether you are simply trying to strengthen your personal network or trying to reach out to your customers, it certainly is clear by now that a Facebook account has become just as necessary as email. Facebook is essential.

So, you’ve created an account. You’re done, right? Not at all! And, yet, that is what most people do. They create a page or profile and then just leave it alone. That isn’t going to fly! To be successful with Facebook, you have to actually interact with your friends and fans—thereby giving them a reason to interact with you. So, you’re staring at this box at the top of the page, asking you the question, “What’s on your mind?” To make the best use of Facebook, what do you type? How do you navigate Facebook to achieve the greatest level of engagement with your connections? Here are a few tips:

1. The fill-in-the-blank

Make a statement, but leave one part of the statement blank, allowing your friends/fans to complete it. Why do people bother to comment on it? It’s because the statement is about THEM, and not about ME. The “fill-in-the-blank” is so powerful (and I use these once a day), because it enables your audience to share something about themselves. Experiment with this: use humorous subjects and thought-provoking ones. Trust me, it’s often hard for your friends and fans NOT to comment.

2. The random fact

Post a completely random fact. People are thirsty for information and like finding out interesting things. Your friends/fans love opportunities to express their creativity. Posting a “random fact” and inviting a reaction enables them to do so.

3. Name that song (or movie, author, etc.)

I see people post song lyrics all of the time on Facebook. Largely, these postings are overlooked–sometimes even annoying. Occasionally, someone will “Like” a song lyric but rarely do people see it as an opportunity to interact. How about posting a song lyric and asking the audience to name the title/artist? Or, posting a quote from a movie and asking your audience who said it and in what movie? Certainly, this works. It makes your audience think about your status and also establish common ground in pop culture that both of you are familiar with.

4. Article with a “teaser” caption

Every time I post an article, I add a caption that hints at its content but doesn’t quite reveal it in its entirety. The purpose, of course, is to get people to read the article. But, more often than not, it also causes people to react to the article. People post links all of the time. Who really has time to click through everything? Make it tempting: give them something juicy to respond to.

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