Don’t Rely on Facebook….

….or any other social networking site to:

1. Be private. Follow Shama Hyder Kabani’s advice (in video below created May 2010) and consider all information and content you post on Facebook to be PUBLIC, not private. Want to keep it private, keep it off Facebook.

2. Stay the same. Social networking sites will change — frequently — and you will need to continue to evaluate which sites are best core for your social media marketing. You are wasting your breath and mental energy if you are annoyed with changes made to Facebook.

3. Replace your blog or web site as an internet marketing hub. You need to own and control your own Web “real estate” that serves as the central core, your marketing hub.

So, don’t rely on Facebook as the main focus of your online marketing or the only — or even the central — hub of your conversations and other engagement with customers, clients and prospects. Use Facebook to attract and engage and move people into your very own center of influence, your website/blog.

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