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Does your business have a web site? Did you get started on the Web when building a web site (or having one designed and built for you) was the only way to get started with some internet marketing?

Many companies are already doing the right thing by offering useful content. They just need to make the change from presenting information in a static way to doing so dynamically through a blog.

There are huge benefits to your business when you add a blog to your website and add blogging to your small business marketing plan.

  1. More visibility.
  2. More customers.
  3. More sales.

Regular blog posts added to your web site with information that’s current and valuable to your customers, suppliers and business partners will draw more traffic to your web site.

A blog will help you build your brand and make your business more visible.

When you add blog posts and let your lists know about new information via email and social media, you will generate more customer loyalty and “stickiness”, and increase repeat sales.

A blog added to your web site and connected to an email marketing strategy will increase sales for your business.

If you don’t have a blog connected to your web site yet, Talk with Kate about an affordable, quick start to implementing blogging at your web site and connecting blogging and a simple, email marketing strategy.

Spend one hour a week to build a steady stream of repeat sales.

Let us help you track the success of this marketing strategy over the next 6 months. Kate will help you get started.

Talk with Kate

“What I hear from many small business owners is that they have a web site (that cost them a lot of money) but they don’t know whether their web site is working for them, generating leads and customers and sales. They also say that they don’t have enough control over their web site content because they can’t easily access and change the content on their site.” –Kate L Williams, Social Biz Local Biz

We can help!

Take a look at our KickStart My Web Site or Social Media 360 services to have us take a look at your web site or social media marketing and then talk with you about our recommendations for revving up your marketing. Or, click on the Talk with Kate link to request an initial no-cost conversation with Kate about your social media or web site marketing situation.