Social Media Time: Is It All Too Much — Or Is It Just Right (with Results)? [POLL]

social media timeHere’s a poll for you. I’m doing a series over the next couple of months so that I can pinpoint the information and tutorials that will be the most targeted and beneficial for your business in 2013.

Social Media Time

Here’s the poll and leave more detail and comments in the comments section below this post.



2 Responses to Social Media Time: Is It All Too Much — Or Is It Just Right (with Results)? [POLL]

  1. Diana Schneidman January 2, 2013 at 7:55 am #

    I differentiate between content creation and social media. For me, there’s a world of difference between writing original content with some depth and information versus casual chat on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    I write a blog post in my content creation time; I publicize it using social media.

    As a writer and coach, I strive to look competent at both and spend more time polishing my writing than nonwriters would. So I may devote four hours a week to content creation unless I’m working on a book or other special project.

    Social media is more catch-as-catch-can, maybe two hours a week.

    As I think about it, there should be a third category for research or study. The time spent reading content linked to from Twitter or reading LinkedIn group discussion varies depending on time available. Maybe as much as eight hours a week. (I’m kind of addicted.)


  2. Kate L Williams January 2, 2013 at 1:13 pm #


    Thanks for your thoughtful comment defining your specific social media (and related) activities. That’s very helpful. And, I think it illustrates the principle: One size does not fit all. Solo entrepreneurs with a service business (e.g. massage therapists), retailers (e.g. a toy store owner-operator), professional service agencies (e.g. a law firm), creative marketers (e.g. artists and authors), trainers and coaches with a mainly online business…. All have a different mix of activities that will serve to promote their business and products or services.

    Again, thanks for sharing your specific situation and details and your experience and expertise. Much appreciated.

    Warm regards,