Social marketing focus on sales not relationships

DOing Social?
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“Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social.” Jay Baer – Best-selling author of The Now Revolution

Have you noticed how lunch time business meetings leave you feeling too full? Tummy too full of food and hands too full of paper and your head too full of names and faces and half-remembered conversations?

Social marketing can be a bit like that. You drop in on Facebook or Twitter and it can feel like your Chamber of Commerce speed dating-type of activity. Running from person to person practically throwing business cards at each other. Too much noise and fractured conversations.

Too full of social networking?

Too full of social networking?
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The Alternative to Social Marketing by Speed Dating

Whether you are in-person at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon meeting – or online in a social media site – the best antidote to “too full” (and not much return on your investment of time and energy) is:

Focus on Making Friends – Not Just Being Friendly

Social business is successful when you spend your time nurturing leads and referrals, not putting paper into the hands of people who don’t know you. It’s more important to follow up with individuals and focus on having conversations (vs. doing elevator speeches or sales presentations).

How much of your time on Facebook or Twitter is spent contacting individuals, having conversations with individuals, and being generous with your time and energy and resources…

…With Individuals?

BE Social to Network

Who’s Your Peep?
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