5 Ways to Get More Clients at LinkedIn

One of LinkedIn’s most useful assets is its flexibility.  While it may at first seem limiting in the rigidity of some rules, there are actually countless ways to get more clients from LinkedIn connections.

Here are 5 tips you can add to your marketing toolbox…

1.  Install apps.  Make it even easier for people to connect, relate and interact by carefully selecting apps that will enhance your appeal.

There is a nice little selection of apps to choose from.  You could help people instantly access your helpful SlideShare presentations, or use LinkedIn to share files with clients on Box.net or using Projects and Teamspaces.  You could run quick, professional Polls (and promise to share the results).

You can even display your portfolio, using a LinkedIn app called Portfolio Display.

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To find the right app for your business needs, simply go to LinkedIn’s App Directory.

2.  Take full advantage of your Public Profile, which contains more than one option for increasing your appeal and visibility to potential clients.

To get to your Public Profile, click on the Down arrow beside your name (top right) and choose “Settings”.


Then scan down the page that opens up until you find the anchor text for “Public Profile”.



Your LinkedIn Public Profile is different from your internal LinkedIn Profile. The public profile contains material that is searchable by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

You can choose not to be searchable publicly by changing your settings to “Make my Public Profile Visible to No-One”.  This will not affect your searchability within LinkedIn. 

From your Public Profile, you can choose exactly what parts of your LinkedIn Profile to allow search engines to retrieve and display; and what to hide.

From here you also can…

3.  Create a unique Public Profile vanity URL, for greater, more optimized searchability.  You can do this easily from your Public Profile settings.  Click on the link in the slug.


In the popup that opens, simply type the vanity URL name you want after the forward slash beyond “pub”.

It’s best for SEO to simply use your own first and last name. 

If you have a really common name such as “Sam Smith”, a red circle containing an “X” will appear, letting you know the name is already taken.  It will drop down a list of alternate suggestions.  You can pick from one of them or create another you feel will work better.  (Tip: Choose your own name plus the one single keyword you feel people might use if they search for you – for example, “samsmitheditor”.)

If you have a slightly unusual name such as “Siobhan McAllister”, that name will probably be available as a vanity URL, and you’ll see a little green circle containing a tick mark. 


When you are satisfied with your vanity URL name, go ahead and “Set Custom URL”.

4.  Create a Profile Badge.  From your Public Profile Settings, you can also generate code for any one of a variety of LinkedIn Profile badge designs with one click.


When you’ve selected a badge design, copy-paste your new badge code into your blog or website.  (Note:  Do this after you change your URL!)

(Be sure to also add “Follow” buttons for your website or other networks.)

5.  Thank people for recommendations.  Let them know you appreciate they took the time to recommend you. Thank them also for the care they put into what to say. 

This may seem redundant, but being a quality person is what generating good LinkedIn karma – and attracting more people – is all about.

Marketing is about making relationships!

To your social media connections success,

Kate L Williams, SocialBizLocalBiz.com







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