10 More Ways to Make More LinkedIn Connections

Make more LinkedIn connections with these 10 tactics. Ten more ways to reach out, connect and get more clients at LinkedIn.

1.  Be choosy.  Keep your LinkedIn goals in focus, and don’t connect with people whose interests, business direction and values you don’t share. 

2.  Import all your online and offline business contacts into LinkedIn.  This will increase your LinkedIn value, affecting your social graph – a visual representation of your social connectedness and balance.

To create or see your social graph, wait until you have 50 connections and your Profile is 70% complete.

Then go to LinkedIn InMaps to create your social graph.



3.  Share your social graph with your other social networks, if you like the result.  Pair it with a question:  For example, “this is what my InMap social graph looks like.  Have you created yours?  What do you think of social graphing?”

You can even simply share that you’re using InMaps.


4.  Do share your LinkedIn posts with Twitter.  Even though LinkedIn parted ways with Twitter last year, you can still share your LinkedIn posts by checking the radio box beside the Twitter icon, after you’ve pressed “Share”.


(Note that you can do this even if you’re just commenting.)


5.  Whitelist LinkedIn in your email filters.  The last thing you want is an important notification from LinkedIn not to get through.

You can also simply add LinkedIn as an address book contact.  Here’s how to do it for various networks such as AOL, Yahoo! Mail, Comcast, Gmail and more.

6.  Follow people, if you don’t know them well enough to invite them to connect.  Many have actually made contact and received invitations this way, responding to posts made by the person they are following.

To “Follow” someone, go to their LinkedIn Public Profile and click on the teal blue “Follow” button.


7.  Follow people related to your field – especially those who you find with (or who share) your own search terms and keywords.

(This is a great way to catch up on industry news.)

8.  Use the Slide Share app to add video or slide shows.  Keep them short – especially in your profile.

9.  Rearrange your Profile sections.  With the brand new Profile set up, it’s now easy to do this!  Put the material you consider most important above the fold for your viewer.

10.  Use LinkedIn – don’t just join it!  And do this every day, if you want to build relationships, presence and searchability.



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