How to Use Twitter for Small Business Marketing (and Profit)

Updated: May 30, 2018

Many small business owners don’t know how to use Twitter for small business marketing and miss out on opportunities to find new customers and make more sales.

Twitter Essentials: How Does It Work?

Understanding how Twitter works
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Twitter for Small Business Marketing: What to Do

After you have set up a Twitter account and profile (for quick Twitter profile set up tutorial, click here), Twitter users usually use Twitter to do four things:

1. Post news updates about the company and products. (And if there is a longer story, post a link to the web page where your Twitter followers can read more.)

2. Post links to interesting content related to your industry, your business, your products and other information (like how-to guides, for example). Some of those links will be links back to your website pages and blog posts.

3. Promote your products and services (in an appropriate ratio of free education and information to promotion).

4. Converse with customers and provide answers to “real time” questions and other customer service (e.g. troubleshooting). (This is sort of like using Twitter as a chat or IM – instant messaging – provider.)

Spam VS. Marketing for Small Business at Twitter

In terms of marketing, invariably the question comes up, are my marketing efforts true marketing efforts or are some viewing them as spam?

Spam is about taking the choice away from someone and delivering them information about products and services without their permission. Spam comes in the way of unsolicited emails, junk mail and telemarketing. Spam leaves a bad taste in our mouths and for good reason. We have not asked to be inundated with the information that we find floods our in-boxes these days.

Marketing when done responsibly can be fun and witty. Commercials that reach us emotionally are effective marketing tools. People who care about their audience take the time to consider their message and how it will reach others.

On Twitter we each have an option as to who we will follow. And one might suggest it is that choice that gives others the right to “spam”. Wrong. Spam is irresponsible and annoying. More will tune out than tune in.

Take time to consider your message and how it will connect with your followers. Are you sharing a valuable service, product or resource? Do you take the time to share on a personal level as well as sharing on a business level? Have you established a relationship with your followers? Is the information you are providing timely and appropriate?

If you can answer these questions with a yes answer then your message can effectively be considered marketing rather than spam. Your followers will welcome your post rather than turn away from it. Share your tweet with others and in turn respond in kind to their own messages and tweets. After all, marketing is all about the relationship and spam is about nothing more than the bottom line.

Twitter for Small Business Marketing: Best Use of Twitter

  • Real-time engagement and connection, building a feeling of immediacy and creating actual conversation
  • Sharing a truly valuable link with your audience
  • Answering urgent cries for help (with a tip or a useful link to an article answering the question, or a resource someone needs)
  • Reminding people about your live events that are about to begin (or even in progress)
  • Showing your personal side
  • Sharing life

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