Twitter Marketing: What Should We Be Tweeting About?

Twitter Marketing: What to Tweet

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Many of us have taken on the social networks as marketing tools for our businesses. And in doing so, we have decided to use Twitter marketing. Now we have accounts, at which we stare blankly.

What should we be tweeting about?

We have 140 characters to work with and while that seems easy, it can prove more difficult to provide a valuable post in 140 characters or less. We want to engage our audience, but the question then becomes — How??

What should you be sharing with your followers? What is it that they want to see?

  • They want great conversation. Give them a statement worth replying to. Reply in kind and open the lines of communication.
  • They want to get to know the person behind the tweets. Give them the opportunity to get to know you, your personality, as well as your company and services.
  • They want links to great sites, videos or information. If you find it relevant and useful, chances are someone else will appreciate the resource as well.
  • They want a tweet worthy of sharing with their own followers. Whether that comes in the form of a particularly humorous quip or a great article you have read, give them something they can retweet.

While you want to engage your followers, they want to engage you as well. Don’t be afraid to jump in and get involved yourself. Join in on the conversations, thank a fellow Twitterer for sharing a resource you found helpful. Retweet their posts as well.

In any good relationship there is balance, give and take. Don’t ask anything of your audience that you are unwilling to give yourself. If you are afraid to take your social networking to the next level, don’t expect that others will find you approachable and worthy of their time and effort.

Give them what they want and what you will get in turn will be invaluable to you and your business.

I hope this is helpful and you start tweeting up a storm. For more about what and how to tweet:

Learn to Twitter Effectively

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