Let An Email Marketing Tool Save Your Sanity

An email marketing tool with an automatic emailing (sometimes known as “auto responder”) feature is the best value for money when you are working online.

When you incorporate an email marketing tool with an auto emailing feature in your business, you will be amazed at how many hours of restful, worry free sleep are added to your day. No more worries that you are not keeping track of your communication with prospects and customers. No more lost income and no more business contacts who miss out on regular communication.

Use your email program to make lists that grow by themselves, send batches of the same email to your customers and prospects without spamming, and send out regular tips and newsletters which you set up in advance and schedule for delivery.

Keep track of which emails are pending and which have been sent, which have been delivered and which have bounced, which have been opened and which links have been clicked.

Amazing–and all automatic.

A Day in the Life of a Home-Based Business “Newbie”: MLM Recruiting Insanity

Here’s an insane picture. Add a phone and internet-based business (network marketing) to a full-time job, working your way out of your JOB and into a saner way of life, a home-based business with no boss and no commute.

How about spending your evenings communicating with customers and prospective customers, and potential new business team members? New lists. More messages. New processes to manage. After awhile, it’s not only onerous to keep up-to-date contact information, all in one place and search-able so that you can find sub-groups (such as customers who are retail, customers who are members, customers who purchase “green” products, customers who purchase nutritional products, prospects from a purchased leads list, prospects from a landing page….)

Get the chaos? Get how this system is going to break down and cause a breakdown?!

How have you tried keeping track? Spreadsheets? Tickler files? Have you sent Email #4 to your MLM prospect and is it time for a phone call? You probably have notes handwritten in forms that track details for each prospect, MLM customer and prospect. How long do you think it will be before you have too many pieces of paper to track and go through at the beginning of your work day?

Drum Roll, Please: Email Marketing Program to the Rescue!

I heard about email marketing with auto responders from an MLM colleague who just threw those terms into a presentation I heard at an annual meeting. I asked him which one he recommended before I even knew what an auto-responder is and what it could do for my business. I’m a gadget and software junkie, a tech toys fan, so I checked it out.

Eureka! What a gold mine! Here is what you will do with an email marketing program that will save your sanity:

1. Send follow up emails with valuable content and product and services offers to your list.. As people are added to your list, a series of follow up emails is sent to them automatically, one email after the other with no extra effort on your part.

2. Deliver your Giveaway, the free information product you provide for people who join your list, by linking to it in the Welcome email sent by your auto responder when they join your list.

 3. Create, send, and track email newsletters, surveys, and auto responders . It’s easy to create permission-based email marketing campaigns (no spamming).

 4. Set up an email campaign specific to a market.For example, you can have a different email series set up for each group of prospects and email goes out with a name, address/location and return email address that fits that marketing campaign.

5. Use email templates to design and send monthly newsletters to your customers and business builders in your team. Prepare newsletters in advance of their send-out date and schedule send out.

6. Create sign up forms for web pages. This lets you collect names and email addresses with no additional effort on your part.

7. Track which emails have been sent, which have been opened, which links have been clicked.

Email Marketing: Critical to Internet Marketing Success

To be successful in internet marketing and network marketing, automating lead capture and email marketing is a necessary step. There is no way to build a list and offer them value through information–and to stay in touch over time without an email marketing program.

We look forward to meeting you on our calls and answering your questions about list building and email marketing tools.

To your great Social Biz Start success,

Kate & Daryl

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