Shake ‘n’ Bake a Spicy Social Media Profile

The Social Media Profile for Your Business

Your social media profile is your representative on the web, an embassy with the purpose of introducing yourself to people and making an initial connection. It needs to be personable and warm and a tiny slice of the story of what your business offers prospective customers and business partners. It needs to be written in your “voice”, genuinely you. This is the beginning of building a relationship with people who need to know, like and trust you.

What’s Your Story?

What is the story (or stories) that will paint a picture of you for the visitors to your Social Biz profile or your About Me page of your web site? What can you tell them about the story of you leading up to your choice to start your business? What will you say about why you do the work you do?

Communicate your story in what you write in the Info part of your Facebook Profile and on the About Me or About Us part of your web site. See if you can add some of the spice that fiction writers use to capture their readers. People like to read a short lead in or introduction that captures their interest moving into a description of a conflict (a problem that needs a solution, a situation that needs to change) followed by a resolution.

Interest is King–Authenticity is Queen–Timing is the Joker

The purpose of telling your story is to establish a connection with your web page visitors so they begin the process of knowing, liking and trusting you. This is just the first step, so avoid the faux pas some marketers (TOO many) make by trying to sell something at this point. It would be like going to a party and jumping from greeting someone you’ve never met before to pulling out a megaphone and yelling into it, “Please buy something from me!” That’s why I said, “Timing is the joker.” It’s the Wild Card that can be worth top value, or lose you the game.

Ask your friends to read what you’ve written, grow a thick skin and let them tear it apart. Don’t let them pass with faint, vague praise. Make sure to ask them what they think sets you apart, makes you memorable and gives your perspectives a unique flavor. A fun and easy way to do this is to send five friends a funny or inspiring greeting card and ask them to send it back with a list of your five greatest strengths or unique/memorable qualities. Incorporate this feedback in your story.

You Snooze, You Lose

Do not put people to sleep with a boring story that reads like a resume with lists of facts. Engage your social media and web site visitors with compelling words and concise statements that reveal your passion for your business and let your personality and individual perspective shine through your words.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to please everyone. Think about this: Who are the RIGHT people, the kind of people you’d most like to join your network of friends and colleagues at social media sites? Who do you know that would be your ideal strategic ally or ideal client or customer?

Write your story for that person, just the one.

A Recipe

Here’s a Recipe for a Great Bio from the “never boring, always unique” Nancy S. Jeutten’s “Bye-Bye Boring Bio” Action Guide*:

  • Stunning results
  • Succinct stories
  • Sassy soundbites
  • Social information to help ideal clients connect with you

Tasks for You

Sketch out your story, the story of you and the events that shaped you and headed you in the direction you are headed in your business right now.

Create a long bio and a short bio that is short and focused on what you offer in the niche you have chosen (Your WHAT plus your WHY).

Choose a picture of you that is flattering and looks genuinely like you to load up at each site where you create a social media profile. (Use your picture on your Facebook Profile, your logo for your Facebook business page. More about this in a near future email.)

Is it time for a review? If you already have established social media profiles, maybe it’s time for a review to ensure you have a spicy, juicy profile/bio that connects with your ideal friend, strategic alliance partner, and client/customer.

To your great spicy success,

Daryl Lozupone & Kate Williams

Daryl Lozupone & Kate Williams

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