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Get More Clients Online: Expand Your LinkedIn Network

Following our recent post, 5 Ways to Get More Clients at LinkedIn, here are five more ways to get more clients online by expanding your LinkedIn network:

1.  Create a Company Page. The main reason you should do this?  It’s perfectly acceptable to post links to your landing pages from your LinkedIn Company Page – but not from your main feed.

There are a number of conditions to fulfill before you can create one, but the most important:  You must have a company email domain and you must have Intermediate or All Star status on LinkedIn.

(By “company email domain” we mean that if your company is called ProCorp Ltd., you need an email address whose latter half ends in “”.)

Links to landing pages definitely means more customers!

2.  Maintain your LinkedIn Account via Mobile.  Sign in to your LinkedIn account by typing “” or “” – without the quotes, and whichever link works – into your mobile’s web browser… or use a LinkedIn mobile app mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or Windows.


The more reachable you are to your Groups or Inbox messages, the more you’ll be available to make or accept connections.

3.  Make – and get—endorsements.  Last Fall, LinkedIn added a feature much easier than recommendations:  Endorsements.  This means you can go to any connections Profile by clicking on their name, and a popup will appear over their heads.  Select one of the skills suggested or type in a new one and click “Endorse”.


Just make sure the skill you endorse is one they (a) actually have (b) want people to know about.  If the specific skill goes by an acronym (such as CBT in the previous screenshot), make sure you have the right acronym and that you are using it correctly, if you’re typing it in yourself.

As with recommendations, those who give deserved endorsements tend to receive more.

And the real beauty of endorsements?  They’re so much easier for people to do than recommendations!

4.  Use OpenLink to send messages to Premium account holders.  Unless you have a premium account yourself, LinkedIn only allows you to message your first-degree connections.  However, Premium members can choose to belong to OpenLink.  If they do, this means (a) they are open to messages (no pun intended) and (b) they will have a little row of dots after their name – this is how you can tell they are OpenLink members.

To learn more about OpenLink, visit the LinkedIn Help Section.

5.  Set up a Google Alert for yourself on LinkedIn. If you’re in the habit of checking your email more than your social networks, you can easily set up a . Google alert for your name + “linkedin”.  This should send you an email message for whatever period of time you set – daily is preferable – every time your name comes up in connection with LinkedIn.


Some people find a once-daily alert a much more efficient way to monitor a hot Group discussion or post than to be continuously logging into LinkedIn.  (Others find Google alerts a nuisance.  It’s whatever works for you!)

You can also do this with topics on LinkedIn. Set up a Google Alert to monitor topics and/or monitor keyword phrases.