Social Media Marketing: What Gets Your Seal of Approval?

Social Media Marketing: Guiding Principles

What helps you keep your business on track and ensures your business decisions are “right”, in the best interests of your business? What do you use to guide your marketing decisions and actions?

For me, I work best and make my best decisions when I keep a short, simple list of principles close at hand and check my planning and actions for alignment with those principles.

Four Social Media Principles

When it comes to social media, I came across a list you will find useful as a guide to developing and implementing a Social Media Marketing strategy for your small business. With thanks to Adam Vincenzini, Our Guiding Principles.

“In our experience, success in the social media space is shaped by four principles:
1) be useful;
2) add value;
3) never sell;
4) respond quickly.

If these elements are part of your approach, the communities you operate in are far more likely to follow you, trust you, and ultimately, recommend you.”

Four More Social Media Principles

Here’s a short video from Just Search in the UK, with their take on four Social Media Principles:

What are your guiding principles for Social Media marketing? Add to the list in the comments below.

To your “aligned with principles” success,


Kate L Williams

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2 Responses to Social Media Marketing: What Gets Your Seal of Approval?

  1. Chris Johnson - November 15, 2010 at 6:22 pm #

    Nice site (thanks for following me on Twitter). I had a…contrarian approach to facebook was wondering what you guys thought?

    I’m convinced FB has about 3 years of relevance. Maybe more. I use them heavily for PPC.

  2. Anonymous November 17, 2010 at 2:35 pm #

    Chris, Thanks for your comment. I’ve taken a look at your video and I can’t agree MORE. Building business assets that you control–not Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, or any other internet entity–is the first priority. If business owners are going to have a web presence, they need a web site and blog. Like you, we advise people to build on a WordPress foundation (unless they already have a web site). If they already have a web site, we talk about adding a blog and, for some, a private members/customer only area. Primarily, Facebook and other networking sites are places to increase visibility, make new friends and contacts and do what people have done forever in their own local backyards–network. I wrote an article recently for my clients about why they shouldn’t rely on Facebook and why moving into relationship with people via social networking needs to result in personal contact, contact data in their business database, and on-going relationship building independent of the networking site. I think you would agree.