19 Reasons Why Email Marketing Works

19 Reasons Why Email Marketing Works

reasons why email marketing works

Reasons Why Email Marketing Works for Your Business

19 reasons why email marketing works:19-reasons-why-email-marketing-works

  1. Cheap. There’s no doubt about it, sending email is inexpensive. You might pay for a 3rd party service to deliver your email and you may even hire a writer to create your emails for you, but overall, the costs involved with email are pretty small. And when you consider #2 on this list, any costs really pay for themselves. Or they should, if you’re doing it right.
  2. ROI is huge.  The Direct Marketer’s Association states that email marketing had an average return of $32.00 for each dollar spent (2018). Yours probably could be higher since you’re most likely a solo entrepreneur with a smaller budget.
  3. Just about everyone has an email address. Yes, a lot of people have Facebook accounts, but email still wins. You could email your best friends, parents and sister, but you most likely can’t Facebook (verb) all of them. Same goes with a lot of people on your mailing lists.
  4. Direct. Unlike other marketing methods, email reaches your subscribers directly and is addressed to them specifically, unlike the general broadcasting we do on social media and in other mediums.
  5. Personal and customizable. Email is also very personal and can be customized with names and other information subscribers voluntarily provide like they’re geographic location, their interests, their goals and more.
  6. Targeting. It’s easy to create multiple lists and fine-tune your targeting. You can segment customers based on the types of products they’re interested and subscribers based on the information that attracts them most. Where else do you have so much control?
  7. Retain your visitor. When someone visits your website for the first time, the chances of them coming back are almost ZERO. NIL. NADA. By asking them to leave their email address, you get the chance to ask them to come back over and over again.
  8. Build and cultivate relationships. Email is an opportunity for your business to build your brand and gain the trust of your subscribers. Do your email marketing right and your subscribers will feel like they know you and can count on you for sound advice and great products.
  9. Commercial. People expect commercial messages via email, making it much easier to sell via email than through web content or social media, for example. In fact, according to Marketing Land, 77% of us prefer to get commercial message through email.
  10. It’s mobile. While everyone is shouting that mobile apps and sites is where the money is at, never forget that email is one of those handy things available and readily used through mobile technology. According to a recent Mobile Movement study sponsored by Google, 82% of smartphone users check and send email on their mobile device.
  11. Fast to create. Whipping up an email can be as fast (or as slow…but don’t let it be) as you want. No need to spend days creating an advertisement. Just write and go.
  12. Quick results. Email gets out there instantly and can start working for your business within minutes because it hits those inboxes quickly and people check email frequently.
  13. Easy to collect data. You can find out information about open rates, click throughs, sales conversions and demographic data of your subscribers. When you can measure your marketing, you can easily improve it.
  14. Drives traffic to your other marketing channels. If you’re engaging in blogging, social media or other efforts, your email list is an easy source of traffic. If you’ve just posted a great blog post or a jaw-dropping image on Pinterest, all you have to do is email your list and you’ve got people seeing it.
  15. Customers. Once someone buys something, you need a way to reach them so you can grow your relationship and sell more products to them. Email makes it easy to do this because you can segment your customers from the rest of your database.
  16. Preferential treatment. If you want to give special perks to your customers or certain subscribers, it’s easy to do with email.  Give them advanced notice of new products, give them special discount offers and more.
  17. More focus. Social media is a great place to tap into large audiences, but whenever you post, you are competing with a bunch of unrelated noise and it’s not always easy to get attention. The same may go for an email inbox, but once your email is opened, the focus is on you.
  18. Follow-up. The best results come from following up. You can make follow up blog posts, ads or social media updates, but the chances of getting all your messages seen are much more likely with email.
  19. Advertising that people asked for. This is one of the most amazing things about email. It is permission-based advertising. Instead of bombarding people with ads they have no interest in, they actually come to your website and ask you to send commercial information.

An email list is an incredible asset you wholly own and that is why email marketing works. You don’t share it with Mark Zuckerberg and you can keep using it months and years down the road.

So grow it, nurture it and get results from it.

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Got List? Build a Business Marketing List and Grow!

Got List? Build a Business Marketing List and Grow!

Furst’s Flowers Has a List

Have List Will Market: Your Business Marketing List is Your Marketing Secret Sauce

Are you ignoring the fastest, easiest way to get started with business building with the internet and social media?

Start by building a list and warming it up.

Every marketer, every business, every independent professional has at least one business marketing list.
If you are not doing this yet, get started now building a house list, your marketing list.

When you are marketing online to build your business, your contact database is your premium asset.

Business Marketing List Building

The beauty of having a web site is that your web pages do the work of attracting and qualifying your prospective customers and clients 24/7.
Your job is to craft the pages and provide the kind of information your ideal prospect is looking for–and have an automated way to collect their contact information so that you can stay in touch with them and build a relationship with them.

Your Social Biz Prospect List for Email Marketing Campaigns

Begin “list building”, adding prospects from your target market to your Social Biz prospect list. To do this, you need a way to engage their interest and an offer that entices them to give you their name and email address. Most internet marketers have a Giveaway, an information piece that gives your prospect something they want in return for their contact information.

Many local businesses have an email sign up list and a regular email newsletter (or email campaign, e.g. special offers, notices of sales) that goes out to their list. How about you?

Who’s on Your List?

Whether you’re a new business owner, a direct marketing company, an outside salesperson or an independent professional, you’ve probably been advised to brainstorm a Prospects List, asking yourself questions to help you recall people you have a current or past relationship with and adding them to your list.

When you are marketing your small business online, you will have more than one list–a Facebook friends list, Facebook fans (or “likers”), Twitter followers, LinkedIn contacts, and so on–

–but your most important list is the list created when people voluntarily give you their contact information in return for something you give them that is a step towards solving a particular need or problem they have right now.

This is YOUR list. It belongs to you and it is managed by you. These are the people you stay in touch with using email (and snail mail if you collect mailing addresses).

List Building Elements

There are 4 main elements for you to get working for you as your highest priority:

_1. A Giveaway: This is the free report, video, email course, or some other information piece that you know will be of value to your ideal customer or client. If you decide to send a Newsletter, let people know what kind of information you’€™ll be sharing and how often to expect it. Get a newsletter out at least once a month.

_2. A Landing Page: This is the web page where people can learn about your Giveaway and “opt in” or sign up. You can use Facebook to collect sign ups if you donâ’t have a web site.

_3. An Email Marketing Service Account: This is where you will store your contact information and set it up so your emails and newsletters go out automatically.

_4. A Social Network: This is the group you’ve gathered, probably at Facebook, who will be the first group to which you will promote your Landing Page address (URL).

(By the way, you can create an “ad-like” box on your Facebook profile that links out to your landing page. You can also create a tab and page at your Facebook business page where you put another opt in box that adds people to your list and sends them your Giveaway.)

List Building Tasks: Your 1st Priority

  • Choose an Email Marketing Service and set up an email marketing account (Constant Contact, MailChimp or AWeber).
  • Create a list in your account and then create an opt-in box to place on a landing page (or pages)–on your blog, in your Facebook business page, or as a separate web page that you promote.
  • Create an email series for your list that continues to engage readers with you and your offers.
  • Send them into your store or office with a great coupon or back to your web site for information they want and need.

Launch New Business at Warp Speed

Don’t wait or hesitate. Start with list building is your highest priority to kick-start your Social Biz!

To your business marketing list success,

Kate L Williams, Social Biz Local Biz





Kate L Williams

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P.P.S. Take a look and KickStart! your email marketing.


Need to choose an email marketing service? Compare 4 services that have a free or low cost basic plan: Email Service Provider Comparison Charts.

Could you use a checklist to stay on track? Here are the essential steps: Email List Building Checklist for Local Business.

Want some help with getting started? Or with building a bigger list or better results? Let’s Brainstorm -OR- KickStart! your email marketing!

How to Push Send and Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

How to Push Send and Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

Grow your business with email marketing How to Push Send and Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

…is an e-book from Copyblogger.com.

It is well worth the read for owners and managers of a local business who want to learn what works to grow your business with email marketing. If you want to skip this post and go directly to download the e-book, scroll down and get your copy.

Questions answered about Email Marketing to grow your business:

  • Why is Email Marketing the #1 preferred channel for communication to increase my sales?
  • What makes email marketing effective?
  • What kind of email will my customers read and respond to?
  • What is the top reason people will subscribe to my email list?
  • Which should I start with — a social media following or an email list?
  • ….and many more.


There is no better way to build a responsive audience of clients or customers
for your business, than with the classic workhorse of the internet, your
email list.

Email is your most cost-effective marketing tool
With an ROI of around 4,300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association),
email almost pays for itself … not to mention the fact that it’s “eco-friendly.”
Direct mail campaigns cost, on average, almost ten times more.
That’s why smart marketers turn to email when they want to move from
“conversation to commerce.”

At a time when email is as prevalent as ever, its power is hard to ignore. According to recent marketing surveys:

  • 8 out of 10 consumers claim to receive marketing messages alongside our personal emails on a daily basis.
  • 70% of us make use of a coupon or discount we learned about from email.
  • Over half of us say that receiving special offers is the top reason for subscribing to an email list from a business.

Taking Action to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

As you read through this guide to growing your business with email marketing, I suggest you give it a quick skim to see what catches your immediate interest, then print it out to read, highlighter ready. Keep your favorite action planning device at your side, a piece of paper and pencil will do. Note the next three steps you will take to:

Push send and grow your business with email marketing!

Download “Email Marketing” and Grow!

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Website Pop Up Forms:  Get More Sign-Ups for Your Newsletter

Website Pop Up Forms: Get More Sign-Ups for Your Newsletter

Website pop up forms: Do you love or hate them?

Website pop up forms: Love them – or hate them?

Are you using website pop up forms – or do you hate them?

Pop Up Survey

quick survey
    What's your reaction?

Does It Work to Use Website Pop Up Forms?

It depends.

Pop up forms are considered by some to be obtrusive, pushy, rude and unfriendly. Who visits your site? Reads your blog posts or articles? What will their reaction be? There are ways to make a web site pop up form appear the the moment of your choice. The settings will allow you experiment with when and how often your pop up appears.

There are alternatives to website pop up forms including slide in forms or hello bars. They are both less intrusive, more subtle forms of displaying a message/call to action and will increase your sign ups for your email list (just not as big an increase as you can expect with a well-timed, well-placed pop up form).

Pop up forms have been shown to get more sign ups for your email list, subscribers for your email newsletter or for your free report or incentive. (Don’t know what this is? Read more about free incentives.) Therefore, you have more people on your list receiving your valuable tips and tools AND more information and updates about your products or services.

Learn more about website pop up forms and whether they work:

According to the data from various credible and authoritative sources, using web site pop up forms WORKS to get more sign ups for your email newsletter or for your free incentive (e.g. checklist or e-book or resource guide). Read more about “why and how” in my blog post about email lists for growing your small business.

If you want to read more about the effectiveness of pop up sign up forms, here’s a detailed account:

In Defense of the Email Pop Up

And here’s another one, with some really powerful examples:

How to Use Exit-Intent Popups to Grow Your Email List

If you’d like to listen to a podcast about pop up forms, I liked this one at AWeber:

[Podcast] Episode 005: What types of pop up forms have the highest conversion rates?

I’m ready! How do I get a pop up form?

Your email marketing provider may have some help for you:

If you use MailChimp, here’s what their Help files say: Add a Pop-Up Signup Form to Your Website. They are a bit discouraging unless you’re an advanced user of email marketing and web forms (in my opinion).

If you use Constant Contact, there are a couple of plugins for Constant Contact + WordPress you could try, but again, it’s a bit complicated and you won’t be able to create a pop up form without using a third party service or plugin.

If you use AWeber, they have a podcast that talks about pop up forms and how to make the decision what to use and how to use it. They recommend tools and link to them. (Same podcast link as above.)

[Podcast] Episode 005: What types of pop up forms have the highest conversion rates?

They have a longer guide to pop ups: A Guide to Optimizing Pop Up Forms

Here at Social Biz, we are getting set to use an (always) free plugin for WordPress from the creators of LeadPages called Rapidology, which will allow us to experiment with the use of a slider vs. a pop up form. There are SIX ways Rapidology allows you present your sign up form on your WordPress website. Using Rapidology is the easy way to create a website pop up form that works with many popular email providers, including Aweber, MailChimp and Constant Contact. (If you don’t have a WordPress website, check out LeadPages.)

Rapidology described: “Rapidology™ is the only 100% free WordPress plugin that lets you quickly create beautiful email opt-in forms, popups, and widgets — no design or coding skills required.”


What’s Next With Website Pop Up Forms?

Keep your eye on some of our experiments here at Social Biz. Let us know what you think. No comment or question is too small for us to pay attention to – so leave a comment or email AskKateWilliams@gmail.com.

Are you ready to try, pop up forms? Get started and let us know about your RESULTS. Did you get more people on your email marketing list? Did one way work better than another?

Need help getting started with email marketing? We can help you KickStart! your email list building and email marketing with our KickStart! My Email marketing service.

Not sure about email marketing? Try our free course and let us know whether you have questions:

Sally, a Burrito and Social Media: It’s Hot!

Sally, a Burrito and Social Media: It’s Hot!

Social Media and BolocoMany local businesses have mailing lists. I’ve put my name on many a clipboard and signed up to get email news from my local kitchen store (cooking classes, yes!) — toy store (new Playmobile shipment, yes!) — bookstore (new mystery novels, yes!) –  and coffee shop (a coupon and double stamps, wow!).

These days, many of my small town main street businesses also use social media to deliver all their good news. I watch Facebook business pages for my coupons and news.

If you have a small, local business, have you thought about how powerful it will be to combine social media and email marketing?

Take a look at the video and see what you think about the best way for you to take advantage of affordable, easy-to-use technology to get more eyeballs on you business, more customers through your doors and more cash in the register!

I’d love to help you get started with social media and email marketing. No time for that? Well, just see how easy it is to sign up at Constant Contact, follow their guidance and get into action. Ka-ching!


To your great Social Biz success!

Kate L Williams, Social Biz Local Biz

Kate L Williams, Social Biz Local Biz