Credit Card Acceptance: What Retailers Need to Know [Infographic]

Retailers, What You Need to Know About Credit Card Acceptance

BluePay has prepared the checklist infographic below for retailers who need to know about credit card acceptance.

Americans are in love with plastic. And with the proper approach, you can place your business to tap into this lucrative, enormous market.

That said, from customer service to payment security to integration, there are various standards that should influence your decision-making. For a detailed look at these considerations, check out the comprehensive checklist courtesy of BluePay below.


Checklist provided by BluePay

Where to Learn More About Social Media for Small Business

Where to Learn More About Social Media for Small Business

Here’s a short list of my favorite blogs and web sites where I hang out to keep up to date with social media for small business:

1. Duct Tape Marketing: Simple, effective and affordable small business marketing.
According to Seth Godin, author of Linchpin, John Jantsch is the Peter Drucker of small business marketing tactics. John Jantsch is a business consultant and author of Duct Tape Marketing blog. John and his blog have quite a following amongst entrepreneurs and marketing types.

This site is for you, specifically, if you are a small business owner or independent professional.

Tips, strategies and tactics to help small business owners grow their businesses. Visit Duct Tape Marketing…


Adam Urbanski on Teaching

“Stop Marketing and Start Teaching
and Attract Clients Like Crazy!”

by Adam Urbanski,
The Millionaire Marketing Mentor

One of my favorite activities in my business is teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses! And focusing on constantly providing solid content has brought me fame, fortune, and a steady stream of new clients for the past decade!

In private, candid conversations many entrepreneurs and service professionals share with me that what they really want is to make a difference in the world by sharing with others what they have learned about life and business.

But instead of starting right now, they postpone doing this until some undefined time in the future! And instead of using their knowledge as an Attraction Tool™ and help more people at the same time they keep chasing crummy tactic of the day ending up disappointed with their results, tired, and often broke!

Big mistake! For three reasons:

First, by teaching, you make your solutions, and yourself, easier to find.

Most buyers start out as information seekers. They don’t search for things to buy, but for solutions to their problems.

When you share some of your solutions as helpful articles, podcasts, videos, blog posts, speeches, workshops, you not only increasing your chances to be found by ideal prospects. You are actually making yourself instantly more attractive to them as a potential service provider.

Second, teaching is a better way to grab attention.

Bombarded by promotions our potential customers have become masters of dodging sales pitches. Sharing effective tips and resources becomes a powerful client magnet.

Think about what you personally prefer and respond better to: Reading a helpful article or reading a sales letter? Or listening to an informative teleseminar or getting a sales call?

Third, teaching provides a sample of your expertise, differentiates you from competitors, and grabs attention of even the most lukewarm prospects.

When given a choice between investing into an expensive coaching or consulting relationship with an unknown service provider versus getting access to “how to solve this problem” type information (like a free report or a low cost audio program), prospects will almost always choose the second option at first.

Plus, we all love to work with experts. And turning some of your teachings into Client Attraction Tools™ like articles, teleseminars, audio CDs, white papers, and simple self-study courses instantly turns you into an authority on the topic. You may not have world-wide recognition (at first) but to potential client who find you this way you are instantly more credible (and desirable) as a service provider than your competitors.

So bottom line is this: if you want to attract more clients teach more! A great place to start is to make a list of the biggest problems your clients have and the simple strategies you can teach to help them solve their challenges.

Host teleseminar, webinars, workshops, do more speaking, write articles, and create your own audio programs and special reports. All of these are great Client Attraction Tools™ – and the more of them you have to offer the more clients you’ll get!

Denise Wakeman Interviews Adam Urbanski