Free: Facebook Advertising for Your Business

Free: Facebook Advertising for Your Business

Facebook Expert Mari SmithMari Smith is THE Facebook Expert.

She’s friendly and bubbly, authentic and smart. She has a solid (well deserved) reputation for teaching tried & true Facebook marketing strategies that actually work.

Next week, on Wednesday October 30th, Mari is hosting a FREE two hour training intensive on Facebook Advertising. Register Here

There have been just enough changes to Facebook Advertising to make a small business owner’s head spin with the options and opportunities. I try to use Facebook advertising to the best advantage for my small businesses, both my home-based vintage furniture business and my online social media business. That’s why I’ll be attending this FREE training.

I hope you’ll join me and my team for this great training. Don’t miss out!

Facebook Advertising by Mari Smith

If you’d like to learn what I need to learn — Mari Smith’s 10 Step Process for results without wasting time, energy and money — then sign up now for this FREE training and don’t miss any of Mari’s tips and steps.

Register now and be there live on Wednesday, October 30.

*See* you there!

Kate L Williams, Social Biz Local Biz



P.S. If you can’t attend live, just register now and you’ll be sent a recording of the session.

P.P.S All of the links in this post are my referral links and they include an invitation to a free Facebook for Small Business webinar with a chance for Q & A with me on Wednesday, November 6. If you send me a copy of Mari’s email verifying your registration for this FREE Facebook Advertising training (forward a copy via email), I will send you the details for our FREE Facebook webinar.

A Facebook Marketing Success Story: Lolly Wolly Doodle

A Facebook Marketing Success Story: Lolly Wolly Doodle

In Her Own Words: Brandi Tysinger-Temple about Lolly Wolly Doodle

Brandy, Owner of Lolly Wolly Doodle
My name is Brandi Tysinger-Temple, and I am so proud to be the Founder and CEO of Lolly Wolly Doodle.

While I never in my wildest dreams set out to build a ‘big company,’ or to be able to work with such an incredible family of people, I am so thankful for the many blessings we have had and still can’t quite believe how far we have come!

 I started out in 2008. I was a full-time mom to our 4 wonderful kids, Clay, Kade, Vivi, and Eva Bella. I started sewing clothes for my young girls as a hobby because I couldn’t find anything in stores that matched and was tasteful and fun. My grandmother had taught me to sew as a girl – and I picked it right back up!
Vivi, Clay, Kade, Eva Bella, Will, and me!

Vivi, Clay, Kade, Eva Bella, Will, and me!

At one point I had purchased too much fabric for a pattern. I figured there had to be others just like me searching for the same, fun dresses – so I decided to make a few extra items and sell them on an eBay store. Well the eBay store grew and grew to the point where I had to hire nieces and aunts, ladies from the church – and even my mom – to help sew, process orders and ship! Within a matter of months, we had turned our bedroom and garage into a mini-factory. I thought things couldn’t get any crazier until, on a fluke, I put up some remnant garments on Facebook and offered them first-come-first-serve to anyone who commented on the posts. The response was so overwhelming – that literally within 2 weeks I had moved my entire eBay store over to Facebook! That was 2010, and truly that is when LWD as we know it today was born.


Facebook Marketing Success Story: Lolly Wolly Doodle

Facebook Marketing and Sales: How It Works for Lolly Wolly Doodle

Comment to buy

While most retailers have a presence on Facebook, encouraging you to “like” them so photographs of their goods appear in your news feed like adverts, firms such as LWD are going one stage further and actually trading directly via the social media website.

If some of LWD’s 614,000 Facebook fans want to buy a particular outfit displayed in their news feed, they add a “comment” to the post, putting down the size and colour they want, and their email address. Plus, if applicable, they can request that a certain name or set of initials is added as an embroidery.

As each item of clothing is only produced in limited numbers, LWD will within two hours put up a list on its Facebook page of which orders it can fulfil.

To pay, customers simply click on their name which redirects them to a checkout page on LWD’s own website.

Fans of the company are also encouraged to use Facebook to message LWD to ask for certain clothing designs or colours, which the company works to fulfil.


Success Factors for Facebook Marketing and Lolly Wolly Doodle

  • LWD put social (and family) first and didn’t just tack on a Facebook page for their business to separate, unrelated business model.
  • Facebook followers don’t have to leave Facebook to shop.
  • LWD used social psychology to fuel sales. (Customers “win” their order.)
  • LWD’s Facebook page is integrated with their web site based order and payment system.
  • LWD teaches their Facebook social shoppers how to shop and “Win” their items at Facebook.

Video: Lolly Wolly Doodle Journey to Success with Facebook Marketing and Sales

More About Lolly Wolly Doodle and Online Marketing

Marketing and Growth Success Tips from Emily Hickey, COO of Lolly Wolly Doodle [VIDEO] –

The Family Firm at the Forefront of Selling Via Facebo0k – BBC News –

Get Your Facebook Page for Business Movin’ and Shakin’ — 21 Strategies to Encourage More Interaction

Get Your Facebook Page for Business Movin’ and Shakin’ — 21 Strategies to Encourage More Interaction

21 Strategies for Encouraging More Interaction on your Facebook Page for Business

Some businesses create their Facebook page for business and think their job is done.  The truth is… it’s just beginning!

Your Facebook Page for business will never get off the ground unless you initiate and encourage interaction between yourself (or your official Admin) and those who visit and post.

Fortunately, building a community and making your Facebook Page come alive as an entity in its own right is absurdly easy… as long as you know what to do.

Here are twenty-one proven strategies to help you create strong Facebook Pages that are, as one poster put it, “just hopping!”


Get your Facebook Page hopping with interaction 


1.    Mix your media – don’t always just share photos or just share text.  Showcase a longer “Notes” post.  Post videos as well as photos.  And do share infographics, when you find an apt one:  Not only do you have the power of the Edgerank algorithm assigning high photo value to your infographic – you get to share really interesting or useful information in an instant visual format.

Post infographics at Facebook

 2.    Use contests.  As with any other form of media, don’t overdo this – but a good strategy is to hold a regular contest on a regular day of the week or month. 

Always posting your contest on the same day creates habitual viewing.  People start to look forward to the feature.

Use contests at Facebook 

A good rule of thumb?  The more trivial, fun and silly the prize, the more often you can feature the contest.  The more high end with “wow” factor your prize, the rarer your contest should be.

3.    Don’t be afraid to occasionally throw in the truly fascinating “human interest” story – even if it’s normally not the type of post your business-focused Page showcases.

Add human interest stories at Facebook 

Human interest stories touch everybody – and are usually high in entertainment value, quickly going viral.

What makes for strong entertainment value?  When something is unexpected, outrageous – or just sometimes even just plain odd.

4.    Consider using Suggested Posts – What’s the difference between a “Suggested Post” and a Sponsored Story?

Sponsored stories have to come from connections of your target viewer, whereas Suggested Posts can appear directly from your company to any member of a demographic you target.

Suggested Posts at Facebook encourage engagement 

The whole key would be to be very, very careful in your targeting.

5.    Show followers how to find Pages they’ve subscribed to quickly – One of the most common reasons given for never visiting a Page again?  “I couldn’t figure out how to find it.”

Let your followers know they can instantly access Pages (not just yours) by pointing out the options in their left-hand, vertical navigation menu. 

Educate your Facebook followers 

Sure, you could just tell them how to find your Page alone – but show them this easy method, and you will probably reap more visits!

6.    Use “fill-in-the-blank” questions.  When you aim the right question towards the right audience, these are almost irresistible – even in text format!


Note that this simple and rather contrived question generated four times as many responses as it generated “Likes”.

Now that’s interaction!

7.    Use your cover section tabs wisely – This little row of tabs is prime real estate on your Facebook Page, so swap and hide any tabs that don’t actively increase engagement (for example, your Map tab, if your business is not local; or your “Likes” tab, which is only there for vanity) with tabs that can make people interact.

You won’t have any choice concerning your “About” section and “Photos” tab – but you can interchange any other tabs you’ve added, as the fabric site in the following example has done.

Since their business is highly visual, they have featured a Pinterest tab.

Pinterest tab 

They have also combined a custom tab with a catchy, short title – “Deals and Steals” – with a simple call to action to further encourage followers to click on it.  (“Sign Up for Email”.  (Top marks for soliciting subscribers!)

They have also chosen to offer Customer Service via their “Need Help?” tab, reinforcing it with a “Contact Us” call to action.

8.    Throw in the odd quiz – Another way to vary your content while maintaining a high level of interactivity:  Serve up quiz-type posts where the viewer has to take some type of action.

Throw in a quiz on your Facebook Page 

You can leverage it even more by adding a personal question, as this poster has done on her Page.

9.    If you have a cute logo, feature it in photos and ask questions or run caption contests.

Include your cute logo in posts on your Facebook Page 

(Hey, it worked for the Travelocity Gnome, didn’t it?)

10.  Share specialty-interest information and juicy tips your viewers really want to know.  Again, the whole key to this is making sure you’ve gauged your audience correctly.

Share information on your Facebook Page 

Do your best to provide tips that really get them excited – then take it one step further by answering questions for those who comment on problems with the tip suggested.

 11.  Make your “About” bio description all about your followers!  – Letting your viewers and followers know the Page is really “theirs” can hook people in and lead to engagement.

Make your About section compelling

12.  Answer questions.  The only exception to this would be if you’re such a big celebrity that you actually need to discourage people getting too personal.  But for the rest of the world (particularly small businesses) the more interaction between you and your commenters and posters, the better!

Answer questions on your Facebook page

13.  Don’t be too commercial or cold!  People use Facebook for social connection and entertainment. If your Page or Page posts come across as too commercial or impersonal – or worse, reads like an advertisement – you’ll not only put readers off and possibly annoy them, you’ll actively discourage or kill all chance at interaction. For example, this post, below, may say something important, but it reads like a government pamphlet and leaves zero motivation for commenting.

Be warm, not cold, at your Facebook Page

14.  Use polls.  People love to give their opinion.  As long as your main question isn’t too bland or generic, and you haven’t given your audience members too many choices, you stand a higher-than-average chance of gaining some interaction.

Use polls on your Facebook Page

15.  Give your page personality. You want people to feel like your post is coming from a friend – not some official announcement machine. And that your voice is real.  This animal rescue page does it by starting off with a heartfelt question, adding a personal note to a heart-rending but all-too-common rescue posters-with-statistics.

Give your Facebook page a personality 

(And note that the post resulted in adoption – how’s that for success!)

 16.  Pay attention to your followers.  Here’s one celebrity that pays as much attention to his feedback as his fans pay to him.  Here, he features a fan photo, reaps 2,827 comments on this one post and, incidentally, has now topped 3 million followers.

 Pay attention to your followers


  17.  Give your followers a delicious, unexpected deal sometimes.  Here, mystery author Lisa Scottoline lets readers know that an earlier novel is on sale for .99 cents at Amazon (and makes some sales).


18.  Don’t shy away from controversial posts.  You should never, ever post strictly to cash in on shock value – but featuring a controversial question or link can really increase engagement.  One rule of thumb, however: Don’t post solely to vent your feelings – post because you think it’s something everyone should care about (or at least, your fans).


 19.  Acknowledge your commenters whenever possible.  People like to feel important. (And notice that even though this is a company Page, the respondent answers as a person – “Nicole”.)


20.  Don’t automate posts.  You can preschedule in emergencies – such as, you’re going to be away for four days – but just remember that even the best pre-scheduled post can result in a drop in engagement if (a) it feels out of context (b) it feels impersonal or “canned” and (c) you’re not there to answer or acknowledge

  21.  Wake your readers up!  Spectacular or unusual photos are a great way to do this. 


And now that your eyeballs are vibrating and your mind is awake, off you go and increase your Facebook Page’s interactivity quotient! Move and shake the action on your Facebook page for business.

Facebook for Small Business

Facebook for Small Business is a short, affordable how-to course for busy business owners who want to get started with Facebook marketing for their business. Is that you?

Do you want to learn more? With step-by-step instructions sent to your inbox weekly (when you sign up for our Facebook for Business course)? For more information about our short, affordable course packed with “how-to” for small, local business…

Two Great Posts about Facebook Marketing from PostRocket

Two Great Posts about Facebook Marketing from PostRocket

PostRocket is a new service for Facebook marketers. Small business owners will get some great tips from the PostRocket blog. For example, here are two great posts from Mike Maghsoudi, PostRocket’s marketing guy:

1. 17 Survival Tips for Facebook Marketing

This infographic is part of a weekly infographic series from PostRocket. (Click on the link here to go to the posted infographic and share via Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.)

17 Survival Tips for Facebook Marketing

2. Five Facebook Pages that Will Keep You Up-To-Date on Facebook’s Ever-Changing Platform

For those of us who work in Facebook Marketing, it’s both important and difficult to stay up-to-date on the latest changes and best practices for Facebook Pages. After all, Facebook is changing more often than ever. Everything from a small tweak in Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm to the revamp of Pages to Timeline affects a Page’s performance.

What better than a list of– you guessed it– Facebook Pages to keep you well-informed and ahead of the curve.  Whether you’re an industry expert or a rookie just starting out your career in social media, these pages are extremely helpful.

Read the full post with the details at PostRocket.

The Best for Last: PageTips (Powered by PostRocket)

Make sure you link to the page at PostRocket with their offer of a complimentary service for Facebook Page owners called PageTips. [See Update below…] Our grade for the Social Biz Local Biz page at Facebook indicates that while our content gets high marks, we need to post more often and work on engaging our audience. We are seriously taking up this challenge! How about you?

UPDATE June 24, 2013: PostRocket now offers an Always Free level and a 30 Day free trial for their Pro version. Start with the PostRocket Always Free level and see your Page Tips right in your Dashboard where you can schedule posts–or let PostRocket autopost at the best time according to your current Facebook activity. That’s a WOW! service for us. Hope you like it too.

Please let us know how it goes for you at PostRocket. Leave a comment or question below.

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3 Great Posts & a Video for Facebook Marketers: How to Engage and Interact with Your Facebook Page “LIKERS” & Fans

3 Great Posts & a Video for Facebook Marketers: How to Engage and Interact with Your Facebook Page “LIKERS” & Fans

You’ve created a Facebook page for your business: Now what? How will you engage with people using your Facebook Page and grow an interactive community of fans and customers at Facebook?

Here are 3 great blog posts and a video to help you plan your Facebook marketing strategies so that you get more LIKEs and grow a group of people eager to interact and engage with you and your business.

The most important take away? Social media marketing for your business is a “people to people” activity. Don’t let the techie bits get in the way of your purpose which should be to use Facebook as a channel to make new connections and stay connected and engaged with the other people who are your present and future customers and business supporters.

How to Better Engage Facebook Fan Page ‘Fans’

By at Social Media Examiner

A compelling, active Facebook fan page should be an integral part of your marketing plans. With its 350 million users and average daily session time of 25 minutes, Facebook provides an exceptional opportunity for visibility, Google indexing, live search ability, and fan engagement—whether you’re a solopreneur, a large brand or anywhere in between.

But, if you build it, will they come? And if they come, will they stay and engage?

Read more of Mari Smith’s tips for creating an engaging Facebook fan page at Social Media Examiner…


What Happens After Someone “Likes” Your Facebook Page?

–by DaveCharest at the Constant Contact Blog

 It’s seems like everyone is obsessed with getting “Likes” for their Facebook Page these days.

Yes, they’re important because when people “Like” your Page, they’re giving you a powerful form of permission. They’re saying they want to hear from you on Facebook. This keeps your business or organization top of mind. But “Likes” are only one piece of the puzzle.

What happens after the “Like?”

 Read more about what happens after someone “Likes” your Facebook Page at the Constant Contact community blog…


Amy Porterfield Shows You How to Grow Your Facebook Audience

Amy PorterfieldAmy Porterfield shares how to grow and engage your Facebook fan base.

(in an interview at

Rich Brooks: Today we are here with Amy Porterfield. She is a social media strategist and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies. Amy, thank you very much for being part of the interview today.

Amy Porterfield: Thanks for having me.

Rich Brooks: My pleasure. Now, I know you’re a Facebook expert and I know you love small businesses so let’s talk about small businesses on Facebook. In your experience, what are some of the top challenges that small businesses face on Facebook?

 Read more of the interview with Amy Porterfield to learn how to grow and engage your Facebook fan base at the Flyte blog…


The Five Best Ways to Engage Your Fans on Facebook

Video by Dave from theKBuzzcrew’s YouTube channel

Dave says:

In today’s Watch me Wednesday video, I talk about the 5 best ways to engage your Facebook fans:

1. Posting photos! A picture is worth a thousand words. Instead of using words post pictures. By posting interesting pictures, you can get people talking on your page.
2. Posting videos! If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. Create a short form content video between 60 seconds and two minutes and share it with your fans. A great feature about posting a video on Facebook is if someone is watching the video, they can click above it to become a fan of the page if they are not already!
3. Share links to interesting articles and resources with your fans! Links are a great way to bring relevant content to your fan page that may not be your own.
4. Ask your fans questions! If people are not commenting on your updates, it is because you are not asking them to. If you ask your fans what they think of something or what they are doing, they will answer these questions on your page.
5. For the more advanced users, utilize interactive apps including polls, quizzes, and virtual gifts. These are some ways to engage your fans on a more advanced level.

What other ways do you engage with your fans? Share by commenting here!

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3 Mobile Food Vendors Succeed with Social Media Marketing

3 Mobile Food Vendors Succeed with Social Media Marketing

A number of mobile food vendors have a social media following they developed at Facebook and Twitter where they deliver a unique style of real-time customer contact and service leading to business growth. These vendors use social media to: 1) notify large numbers of followers where they will be set up to deliver food services from hour to hour, day to day; 2) stay in touch with customers and deliver valuable information; 3) deliver “just in time” customer service.

Curbside Cupcakes

Curbside Cupcakes Pink TruckSocial Media Success with Cupcake MenuSocial Media Success for Curbside Cupcakes





Curbside Cupcakes is Washington DC’s first mobile cupcakery!  Curbside Cupcakes is owned and operated by long-time DC residents, Sam & Kristi Whitfield.  They first hit the road in November, 2009 and now have three trucks bringing the “Cupcake Bliss” to Washington DC, Arlington, & Montgomery County.  Cupcakes are sold directly off the truck in any amount or assortment you’d like.  They also have a delivery and catering services!

There are a few ways to find Curbside Cupcakes:

  • On the website (
  • On theirFacebook page (Curbside Cupcakes), and
  • On their Twitter page (CurbsideCupcake)
  • In your email -  you can sign up to get an email when they land at stops near you!

How it started (from the Curbside Cupcake web site, their story…)
People ask how on earth we came to sell cupcakes off of a truck.  Sam was working as a lawyer and one day folks in the office wanted cupcakes, but nobody wanted to make the trek out of the office for cupcakes.  Sam had the bright idea that “Cupcakes should come to the people instead of people going to the cupcakes!”  And that’s how the idea was born!  That evening, Sam asked Kristi “What do you think about a cupcake truck?” That literally set the wheels in motion.

In September of 2009, with a pink trunk and a folding table (we hadn’t cut out the vending window yet) Curbside Cupcakes made its first public appearance around the corner from our home at the annual H Street Festival.

Two months later, on November 3, 2009, we  pulled up at the corner of 20th & L, took a deep breath,  and started to introduce Washington DC to the idea of enjoying cupcakes from a mobile cupcake truck.

It’s been a pretty exciting journey so far.  Today we have 3 trucks rolling around DC, Arlington VA, and Montgomery County, and one of those trucks now offers milkshakes!  We’re looking forward to the next phase of this food truck adventure.

Kogi Korean BBQ-to-Go

The Kogi truck is a traveling Los Angeles landmark that serves up Korean Mexican tacos, day and night. Currently Kogi operates 5 trucks and out of 1 bar. Roaming the streets of LA County are Azul, Verde and Roja, while Naranja and little sister Rosita make the extra trek down to Orange County. Alibi Room in Culver City stays put as the adult hub for all things Kogi. Kogi BBQ let’s followers know where the trucks will be serving using Twitter.

Holton Farms

Holton FarmFrom the web site at

We want to be a force for good in the communities where we operate and live.

Holton Farms is owned by cousins Seth Holton and Jurrien Swarts and family friend George Hornig. The Holton family, among the first settlers of Westminster, Vermont, has been farming this quaint village for over 200 years. As eighth generation farmers, we take farming seriously. We use sustainable farming methods, not because it’s in fashion, but because it makes sense and it’s the right thing to do.

Our farm produces a diverse selection of food including organic and conventional vegetables, herbs and fruits, grass fed beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, eggs, maple syrup and honey. We also offer high-quality products from other local farms and artisans to give our customers even better selection.

Our mission is to bring the freshness and quality of a small organic farm to the homes of our customers.

Holton Farms uses TwTwitter for Holton Farmsitter to let subscriber members know where drop offs of produce are scheduled:






and over at Facebook, they’re running a contest, a Kale Kickoff Recipes contest. Facebook page for Holton Farms

How Small and Local Businesses Can Use Social Media

How Small and Local Businesses Can Use Social Media

There’s some great information about how small and local businesses can use social media out on the web. Here’s my list, updated weekly, for you here at Social Biz Local Biz:

Facebook for Small and Local Businesses

How Small and Local Businesses Can Use Facebook (Michael Gray–Gray Wolf’s SEO Blog)

Looking for tips on how small and local businesses can use Facebook? Check out what three experts (Greg Finn, Victoria Edwards, and Marty Weintraub) have to say. You’ll find clear guidelines about which businesses might get the most value (more customers, more sales) from developing a presence on Facebook.

I feel anyone who is trying to gain a broader audience with their service, product, or brand has potential in utilizing Facebook as a robust online marketing channel. –Victoria Edwards

Skip the top section (full of marketing jargon) and take a look at the third section full of examples of small business marketing ideas using Facebook.

Social Media Tips for Small Business

Twitter for Small Business

How and Why to Use Twitter for Small Business (Small Business Trends)

As a small business owner, at first, I didn’t get Twitter. Of course, this was way back in the beginning when it was new. Being the forward-thinking marketer that I am, I tried it and found that I didn’t like it. It felt forced to me. It felt like it was a waste of my time. On top of those reasons, I also felt that I didn’t need to “be connected socially” with “Twitter people”.

Boy, was I wrong. And I’m very glad today that I wised-up and reversed my thoughts and embraced Twitter as a valuable tool for my business.

Let Jim Kukal’s video illustrate how Twitter can be a useful tool for your small business. (The video created in 2008, still contains great tips and how-to information.)

LinkedIn for Small Business Owners

7 Ways that Small Business CEOs Can Use LinkedIn to Grow Their Business (DIY Marketers)

Should networking at LinkedIn be part of your social media marketing plan? It depends on your industry. For business-to-business industries, it is a high value spoke in your marketing wheel. (Your web site is the hub.)

Is LinkedIn a waste of your time?  Not if you care about lead generation, building relationships with decision makers, and saving time and money.  LinkedIn does all of these things….

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: The Big Three for Your Small Business

Small Business Growth: Reach out, get connected and get educated (Fast Company)

If you’re like me, you believe small businesses will continue to lead the economic climb out of this protracted recession. If your own line of work is as a consultant to small business — be it for marketing, advertising, or what have you — you want to be ready and able to tap this opportunity for growth. To do so, you need to reach out, get connected, and get educated.

Try them out: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. One of these Big Three will help you grow your business if you plan and implement strategically.

If you’re ready to add social media marketing to your small business marketing plan, do you need step-by-step help to get started? Our Social Media Basics program might be just the ticket!





Get Started with Facebook for Business

Get Started with Facebook for Business

Your Social Biz and Facebook

Facebook for BusinessGet started with Facebook for business by setting up and networking from a Facebook page. Facebook has over 500 million members (as of this writing). It’s not only a great place to connect with family and friends, it’s a “destination” networking site for people to share information and engage with companies and brands.  Think of Facebook as the temporary apartment you move to in the same neighborhood where you are building a house (your WordPress blog). And when your house/blog becomes the central hub for your marketing, Facebook shifts to become an “outpost” or “embassy” in your marketing world.

“Facebook is a platform, a medium, and a killer app. It’s contagious, infectious, and viral–but in the best meaning of those words.” –Elliot Schrage,

CAUTION: Facebook might not be yours forever.

Facebook is a tool. Use it to attract people and connect with people, but always direct people to your own web site.
You can’t trust that Facebook is “forever”. What if your Facebook account is banned (it happens)? What if your account disappears (for days or weeks–it has happened). Your own web site is the only web real estate that is your own. Don’t run the risk of being stranded and permanently separated from your network.

Start with a Facebook Profile

Your Facebook profile is where all your social networking begins. You present yourself with your own unique profile. A Facebook profile is meant for individuals only. When you sign up for a Facebook account, your profile is automatically created. Your profile is never shared with another person and no business or other entity should have a profile.

You can’t do anything else at Facebook–join groups, manage a business page, promote events, etc.–without setting up a Facebook account as a first step.

To get started at Facebook:

  1. Create a Facebook account;
  2. Start to add a variety of content to your Facebook profile: your picture, information at your Info tab, photos, videos, and frequent posts to your Wall;
  3. Find new people to connect with; and
  4. Engage people in conversation.

Create a Facebook personal profile and later add a Facebook Page for your business. Use your Facebook profile to connect with friends and practice interacting online with your “warm market”.  Add new contacts (Facebook friends) and learn how to engage them in conversation.

The primary business purpose of developing a Facebook profile is to attract people and get them interested enough to visit your web site. Share information and showcase your expertise. Show up as authentically and uniquely you. Find ways to get into conversation with people, on your Wall, through private messaging and eventually using Skype or the telephone to have a conversation.

Steps to Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

Click to download: How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Your Business

Click here for your PDF document: How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Your Business (Steps and screenshots updated January 2013.)

A Facebook Page is for Business

Facebook pages used to be called fan pages and they were created by Facebook to give businesses a space so they wouldn’t create profiles, which Facebook reserves for individual people.

Keep your profile personal and create a page for your business.

Facebook pages are indexed by Google and they are public. If someone searches for your business or for the search terms/keywords that you use on your Facebook business page, your page will show up in Google search results.

Set up and fill out a Facebook page with an appropriate page name, your logo as the photo for the page and business information. Sprinkle with your business keywords/search terms. Add some content (posts to your Wall, video, photos, etc.). Then, promote your page and engage your customers and fans/friends (people will “like” your page in current Facebook language).

Make your Facebook business page work together with your personal profile to raise “brand awareness.” Brand Awareness= who you are; your passions and interests; your values and strengths; and how your strengths, interests and passions express themselves in your business.

To your great social success,

Kate L Williams

P.S. If you like this post, please share it with others…

P.P.S.  …and “Like” us at Facebook — Social Biz Local Biz–Kate L Williams

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Steven Colbert on Social Media: Have a Laugh and Relax for a Minute!

It’s not easy to keep a sense of balance when you’re immersed in learning about and applying social media in your business.

Even though Stephen Colbert was making fun of Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and services like Gmail. I must admit that he has few valid points as to how are we going to protect our identity. Even if you are not into social media at all, people will still post pictures of you on Facebook, upload videos on YouTube and things like that. Anyway checkout Stephen’s Colbert funny video of the week on Social Media. ~Joe Hobot, MWD

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Word – Control-Self-Delete
Colbert Report Full Episodes 2010 Election Fox News
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