Online Tools and Strategies for Authors: January  & February Workshops in Burlington, WA

Online Tools and Strategies for Authors: January & February Workshops in Burlington, WA

Book Marketing for Authors: Online Tools and Strategies

Workshop length: 3 1/2 hoursBook marketing for authors with social media
Day: Saturday, January 23 OR Saturday, February 27
Time: 10 am – 1:30 pm
Location: Copia, 1174 S. Burlington Blvd., Burlington, WA 98233

Limit: 6 participants (Minimum is 3.) Workshop will be re-scheduled if enrollment is less than 3.

Cost: $55.00


You will learn:

  • Which social networks and online activities to choose as your primary book marketing locations. Focus for effectiveness. Save time and energy.
  • The essential components of an author’s online platform. Do you have them now and do they “play well” together?
  • The essential daily, weekly and monthly tasks for a smooth running book marketing system online. Stay on task, not lost in cyberspace.
  • How to use three online tools to manage and schedule posting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Be strategic with your time.
  • How to use social networking and social media tools to find more readers. Get results.
  • How to use social networking and social media tools to sell more books. Get more results.
  • Nine possible book marketing routines to choose from to increase your visibility as an author and your book sales. Make your time work for you with routines that become habits.
  • Eleven essential steps for an effective online book launch. Check all the boxes to execute a series of timely steps. Less stress.

There will be short presentations and time for some hands-on work (with coaching). You will leave with checklists and other materials to help you take the next steps, and you will have access to the instructor via email for 4 weeks of support following the workshop.

This workshop is NOT suitable for beginners who have not set up social media accounts or worked online before. (Try a “Get Started” clinic first – see below.)


Dates & Options

Working Online for Authors: Get Started with Social Networking (a clinic for beginners)

Clinic length: 90 minutesFacebook for Business
Day: Wednesday, January 20 OR Friday, February 26
Time: Evening Session – 6:00-7:30 pm

Location: Copia, 1174 S. Burlington Blvd., Burlington, WA 98233

Limits: Each session limited to 4 participants (minimum is 2). Workshop will be re-scheduled if enrollment is less than 2.

Cost: $35.00

You will work with one-on-one hands-on training and coaching to:

  • Set up a new social networking account (Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)
  • Manage privacy and spam
  • Build a profile that will attract new viewers and followers
  • Populate your own page or stream with content (words and images; audio and video optional)
  • Schedule posts in advance (a time saver!)
  • Link one social network to another to increase your “reach” (how many people see your content)

 Perfect for beginners, each clinic session will be slow-paced and give you one-on-one assistance to get started. You will leave with checklists and other materials to help you take the next steps, and you will have access to the instructor via email for 4 weeks of support following the workshop.

Dates & Options


Book Marketing for Authors: Workshops & Clinics for Your Group

5 Top Places for Authors to Market a Book Online

social media marketing training Are you an author with little or no idea about how to market a book online? Here are our recommendations about the top places to build an Internet platform and presence:

Market a Book Online: Blogging is the First Step

#1 – A Blog

Your own blog is the place to build a book marketing hub. A blog is the best, easiest place to grow a community of readers, providing them with content and engaging them in conversations. It’s also a place to host guest bloggers and promote them to your audience (while they send readers to your blog). A blog is also the place you send social media followers to engage with you and your work.

Market a Book Online with Social Media

There are three places to begin to market a book online with social media marketing:

#2 – Facebook

At Facebook, your readers can find you and your books if you: 1) create a personal profile, and 2) create a Facebook page as an author page or book page. Facebook posts are easy to create using material from your book(s) and your experience as a writer. As a time saver, Facebook posts to your author/book page can be scheduled.

#3 – Twitter

Twitter is a great place to find and connect with new readers as well as increasing your visibility and establishing your credibility within your genre or topic. Start at Twitter by creating an account and a profile, customize your profile’s photo and background, and include your book title and web address in your bio. Then start tweeting regularly. Twitter posts are also easy to create using material from your book(s) and your experience as a writer. There are some popular third-party applications which help you with scheduling posts (Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweetdeck, or Timely).

#4 – Goodreads

Goodreads is a place for authors to join the Goodreads Author Program and connect with readers. There are many features available to help you get the word out about your book and to publicize book readings and other events. Get started at Goodreads by creating an account, add a picture and bio, share your list of favorite books (including your own), post any media you have created (e.g. a video book trailer).

#5 – LinkedIn

Even though LinkedIn is best known as a professional networking site, there are active groups of authors and publishers and the opportunity to share your work and your insights, making valuable connections and relationships. Your LinkedIn profile can be more extensive and detailed than your profiles at Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn has added some recent features that make sharing your book covers and book trailers easy. It is possible to schedule LinkedIn posts using Buffer and Hootsuite, so take advantage of the time saving to simplify your social marketing.

A Recommended Guide to Market a Book Online

Social Media Secrets for Authors — The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads

From the editors of Wise Ink, Dara Beevis and Amy Quale, Social Media Secrets for Authors is a clear and simple guide for authors who are getting started with marketing online. You will find the essentials with no distracting fluff and technical jargon to confuse you or send you to bed to hide under your quilts. Dara and Amy explain how to get started and the essential marketing activities for each social site — and also how to tie them together. Must read for authors… 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Book Marketing Online: That Takes Care of the What. Now, How?

There are some longer guides to web marketing for writers, but the trouble with the length and detail is that these guides are often outdated in a heartbeat. Social marketing sites and blogging software are updated frequently and the screen shots and tutorial steps are outdated as quickly as updates are made available. If you are looking for more than where to market and what to do there, doing a hands-on workshop in-person or virtually may be a great next step. Take a look at our current Social Biz Start training (click here) and Web Marketing for Writers services (click here) offered for authors. If you can’t find what you want, get in touch using this link, Contact Us, to send us a message. social media marketing training

Small Local Business Marketing with Amazon Kindle

Small Local Business Marketing with Amazon Kindle

Small Local Business Marketing with Amazon Kindle

(Disclaimer: Please read through this post before you stop because you think writing a book – and marketing with Amazon Kindle – would take too long, cost too much or be a waste of time and money because you are only interested in results.)

Marketing with a Book? Are You Crazy?

small local business eBook

Credibility!  Writing and publishing a book (don’t say you can’t until you’ve read this post) helps establish you and your business as “Expert” in your field.

Customer Service!  A book you give your customers can provide a lot of customer service and therefore, customer satisfaction. A small, information rich book can answer your customers’ FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) and provide new product support.

Customer Loyalty!  Your book becomes a super sales partner as it helps prospective customers discover you via established customers. Your book is like a HUGE business card yet has TONS of information that helps your customer “fans” rave about you.

Increased Sales!  People who know what you can provide for them and know you are an expert problem-solver in your field will buy more products or services from you.

Marketing Fuel!  A book helps spread the word about your business (best kind of “word of mouth”) AND can put a fire under your marketing efforts. It keeps your business in front of your prospective customer so that when they need the products or services you offer, YOUR BUSINESS is the one they think of and visit or call.

Small Local Business Examples

Your business is glass. Your book could answer questions: What kind of glass should I choose? (How about a table that looks like this: Type of Job/Type of Glass)? Highlight other products and services: If I choose to install my glass myself, what kind of tools and products do I need? (do you sell them? sure!) Keep your business if “top of mind” with a handy free worksheet: How to Clean Any Glass, Anywhere.

Your business is toys. Your book could answer questions: What kind of toys are non-toxic for toddlers? What is an appropriate toy for a 3 year old niece? Offer product support: Best Way to Clean Plastic Bath Books.  Highlight other products and services: Free Advice for Parents of Pre-School Children (on Wednesdays). Keep you in front of your prospective customers: Tear out book plates or book marks with your store hours and telephone number.

Your business is dentistry. Your book could answer questions: What age is good time to start my child’s visits to the dentist? Are dentures inevitable? Offer after-care and preventative care instructions: How to maintain your clean teeth for months after your visit; Best dental care products for mid-life patients. Highlight additional services: The best way to glamorize your smile; Do adults straighten their teeth?

Your Small Local Business Community: How About Some Cross Promotion?

Your book is the perfect place to promote the other small, local businesses in your area. There are probably some “perfect fit” businesses for the type of business you are in. For example, if your business is glass (see example above), you might include a “plug” or coupon for the glass cleaning products offered by your locally-owned hardware store. If your business is dentistry, could you include other dentists who specialize in something you don’t or a coupon for some product or equipment offered by a locally owned business. If you are in the toy business and you get a lot of gift shoppers, how about a gift promotion in the back of your book, promoting the other main street businesses near you where gifts could be purchased.

small business marketing with Amazon Kindle

Photo by Rachel Yan

How To Get Started with Your Small Local Business Book to Market with Amazon Kindle

Get started with your book to market your small local business by — BRAINSTORMING. Make a list as long as you can (quickly, without evaluating what you put on the list) of the topics you might cover in your book. Pick 6-12 topics for sections and then see if you can jot down 3-6 sub-sections (or chapters).

Decide whether you are going to publish hard copies of your book. The easiest way to get started with a book is to write your book in Word, then save as a PDF.

Don’t forget to include:

  • Cover page
  • Copyright and Disclaimers page
  • Table of Contents (with links to sections and chapters).
  • Links from Sections and Chapters in the TOC to the sections/chapters in your book.
  • About Page (a bit of a story about you and your business with at least one photo with people in it – yes, including you!) including information like your address, hours, parking, online ordering, your website, telephone number, etc.
  • Promotions page (including cross promotions, special offers, coupons, etc.)
  • Disclaimers

Once you have saved your book as a PDF document, you can:

  • Send it out as an attachment to email
  • Print it and hand it out
  • Give it out in exchange for getting the information you need to add people to your mailing list
  • Put a link to it on your website or blog (great excuse to send an email or postcard getting people to visit your website)

Why Amazon Kindle?

The instructions for Getting Started (above) help you produce an e-book (the PDF version of your book which can be downloaded or sent via email). But, you may enjoy even greater value for the time spent if you publish your book via Amazon Kindle. Here’s why:

  • Get your ideas and expertise out to a wider audience. ( “eReaders nearly doubled from December 2011 to January 2012. 1 in 4 Americans are now using some kind of tablet (iPad, Nook, Kindle) that is capable of reading eBooks (The Kindle reading app is also available on nearly every smartphone…”)
  • Fuel your other online marketing efforts.
  • Get Amazon’s help with marketing.

The opportunities to grow and expand your business or ideas through publishing an eBook are limitless. With a insightful, compelling eBook, your words can instill valuable wisdom, actions, stories and ideas that can build trust and relationships with your audience.

Relative to other options (e.g. iTunes) getting a book published as a kindle book is easy.

Marketing with Amazon Kindle — Your QuickStart Book Action Plan

1. Start your brainstorm TODAY!

2. Think about cross promotion and which other small local businesses are a fit for your (first) Kindle e-book.

3. Get started with your (quick) first draft in Word.

4. Take some photos that will make good images for your e-book.

5. Do a revised draft of your book following the guidelines in the articles linked to below in the Resources section of this post.

6. Publish and promote!!


D0-It-Yourself Resources


Kindle Publishing Success