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Email Marketing Strategy: a Brainstorming Session

Talk with Kate in an Email Marketing Strategy Session – a Free Half Hour Devoted to Growing Your Business

Here’s The Way for Your Small Business to Increase Profitability
by Attracting More Customers and Clients with Email Marketing

From the Desk of Kate Williams:

Let’s brainstorm! Please book a free half hour for an email marketing strategy brainstorming session with me. I’d love to connect with you to discuss your business. My specialty is helping small business owners and managers attract more customers and clients using social and local marketing strategies and tools. Let’s focus a half hour on brainstorming your email marketing strategy. The information on this page will help me understand your situation better. You will be able to book your session when you’ve completed and submitted the survey. You will get a follow up from me with instructions on booking a 30-minute email marketing strategy session.

social media strategy session

Email Marketing Strategy: a Brainstorming Session

Request a free 30-minute email marketing strategy session.

  • Check all that apply. What tools are you currently using to market your business--to get your business and message out to the world?*
  • What's your single biggest challenge right now when it comes to building a list and using email marketing to grow your business?
  • What's the most important goal for you to address during this strategy session?

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