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Your Social Biz and Facebook

Facebook for BusinessGet started with Facebook for business by setting up and networking from a Facebook page. Facebook has over 500 million members (as of this writing). It’s not only a great place to connect with family and friends, it’s a “destination” networking site for people to share information and engage with companies and brands.  Think of Facebook as the temporary apartment you move to in the same neighborhood where you are building a house (your WordPress blog). And when your house/blog becomes the central hub for your marketing, Facebook shifts to become an “outpost” or “embassy” in your marketing world.

“Facebook is a platform, a medium, and a killer app. It’s contagious, infectious, and viral–but in the best meaning of those words.” –Elliot Schrage,

CAUTION: Facebook might not be yours forever.

Facebook is a tool. Use it to attract people and connect with people, but always direct people to your own web site.
You can’t trust that Facebook is “forever”. What if your Facebook account is banned (it happens)? What if your account disappears (for days or weeks–it has happened). Your own web site is the only web real estate that is your own. Don’t run the risk of being stranded and permanently separated from your network.

Start with a Facebook Profile

Your Facebook profile is where all your social networking begins. You present yourself with your own unique profile. A Facebook profile is meant for individuals only. When you sign up for a Facebook account, your profile is automatically created. Your profile is never shared with another person and no business or other entity should have a profile.

You can’t do anything else at Facebook–join groups, manage a business page, promote events, etc.–without setting up a Facebook account as a first step.

To get started at Facebook:

  1. Create a Facebook account;
  2. Start to add a variety of content to your Facebook profile: your picture, information at your Info tab, photos, videos, and frequent posts to your Wall;
  3. Find new people to connect with; and
  4. Engage people in conversation.

Create a Facebook personal profile and later add a Facebook Page for your business. Use your Facebook profile to connect with friends and practice interacting online with your “warm market”.  Add new contacts (Facebook friends) and learn how to engage them in conversation.

The primary business purpose of developing a Facebook profile is to attract people and get them interested enough to visit your web site. Share information and showcase your expertise. Show up as authentically and uniquely you. Find ways to get into conversation with people, on your Wall, through private messaging and eventually using Skype or the telephone to have a conversation.

Steps to Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

Click to download: How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Your Business

Click here for your PDF document: How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Your Business (Steps and screenshots updated January 2013.)

A Facebook Page is for Business

Facebook pages used to be called fan pages and they were created by Facebook to give businesses a space so they wouldn’t create profiles, which Facebook reserves for individual people.

Keep your profile personal and create a page for your business.

Facebook pages are indexed by Google and they are public. If someone searches for your business or for the search terms/keywords that you use on your Facebook business page, your page will show up in Google search results.

Set up and fill out a Facebook page with an appropriate page name, your logo as the photo for the page and business information. Sprinkle with your business keywords/search terms. Add some content (posts to your Wall, video, photos, etc.). Then, promote your page and engage your customers and fans/friends (people will “like” your page in current Facebook language).

Make your Facebook business page work together with your personal profile to raise “brand awareness.” Brand Awareness= who you are; your passions and interests; your values and strengths; and how your strengths, interests and passions express themselves in your business.

To your great social success,

Kate L Williams

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