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There’s some great information about how small and local businesses can use social media out on the web. Here’s my list, updated weekly, for you here at Social Biz Local Biz:

Facebook for Small and Local Businesses

How Small and Local Businesses Can Use Facebook (Michael Gray–Gray Wolf’s SEO Blog)

Looking for tips on how small and local businesses can use Facebook? Check out what three experts (Greg Finn, Victoria Edwards, and Marty Weintraub) have to say. You’ll find clear guidelines about which businesses might get the most value (more customers, more sales) from developing a presence on Facebook.

I feel anyone who is trying to gain a broader audience with their service, product, or brand has potential in utilizing Facebook as a robust online marketing channel. –Victoria Edwards

Skip the top section (full of marketing jargon) and take a look at the third section full of examples of small business marketing ideas using Facebook.

Social Media Tips for Small Business

Twitter for Small Business

How and Why to Use Twitter for Small Business (Small Business Trends)

As a small business owner, at first, I didn’t get Twitter. Of course, this was way back in the beginning when it was new. Being the forward-thinking marketer that I am, I tried it and found that I didn’t like it. It felt forced to me. It felt like it was a waste of my time. On top of those reasons, I also felt that I didn’t need to “be connected socially” with “Twitter people”.

Boy, was I wrong. And I’m very glad today that I wised-up and reversed my thoughts and embraced Twitter as a valuable tool for my business.

Let Jim Kukal’s video illustrate how Twitter can be a useful tool for your small business. (The video created in 2008, still contains great tips and how-to information.)

LinkedIn for Small Business Owners

7 Ways that Small Business CEOs Can Use LinkedIn to Grow Their Business (DIY Marketers)

Should networking at LinkedIn be part of your social media marketing plan? It depends on your industry. For business-to-business industries, it is a high value spoke in your marketing wheel. (Your web site is the hub.)

Is LinkedIn a waste of your time?  Not if you care about lead generation, building relationships with decision makers, and saving time and money.  LinkedIn does all of these things….

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: The Big Three for Your Small Business

Small Business Growth: Reach out, get connected and get educated (Fast Company)

If you’re like me, you believe small businesses will continue to lead the economic climb out of this protracted recession. If your own line of work is as a consultant to small business — be it for marketing, advertising, or what have you — you want to be ready and able to tap this opportunity for growth. To do so, you need to reach out, get connected, and get educated.

Try them out: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. One of these Big Three will help you grow your business if you plan and implement strategically.

If you’re ready to add social media marketing to your small business marketing plan, do you need step-by-step help to get started? Our Social Media Basics program might be just the ticket!