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Grow your business with email marketing How to Push Send and Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

…is an e-book from

It is well worth the read for owners and managers of a local business who want to learn what works to grow your business with email marketing. If you want to skip this post and go directly to download the e-book, scroll down and get your copy.

Questions answered about Email Marketing to grow your business:

  • Why is Email Marketing the #1 preferred channel for communication to increase my sales?
  • What makes email marketing effective?
  • What kind of email will my customers read and respond to?
  • What is the top reason people will subscribe to my email list?
  • Which should I start with — a social media following or an email list?
  • ….and many more.


There is no better way to build a responsive audience of clients or customers
for your business, than with the classic workhorse of the internet, your
email list.

Email is your most cost-effective marketing tool
With an ROI of around 4,300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association),
email almost pays for itself … not to mention the fact that it’s “eco-friendly.”
Direct mail campaigns cost, on average, almost ten times more.
That’s why smart marketers turn to email when they want to move from
“conversation to commerce.”

At a time when email is as prevalent as ever, its power is hard to ignore. According to recent marketing surveys:

  • 8 out of 10 consumers claim to receive marketing messages alongside our personal emails on a daily basis.
  • 70% of us make use of a coupon or discount we learned about from email.
  • Over half of us say that receiving special offers is the top reason for subscribing to an email list from a business.

Taking Action to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

As you read through this guide to growing your business with email marketing, I suggest you give it a quick skim to see what catches your immediate interest, then print it out to read, highlighter ready. Keep your favorite action planning device at your side, a piece of paper and pencil will do. Note the next three steps you will take to:

Push send and grow your business with email marketing!

Download “Email Marketing” and Grow!

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