Google Alerts Will Monitor the Web for You

What Are Google Alerts?

Use Google — and Google it! Here are the results I got today (30 January 2013). Note: these aren’t clickable links. You’ll have to do this in your own browser. Search for “Google alerts” for these results; use the links to explore. Directions follow below this image.

Results of Google search for Google Alerts

Results of Google search for “Google Alerts”


Create Google Alerts to Monitor the Web and Get Email Updates

Here’s a link to the page at Google where you can learn about alerts and follow their very clear directions about how to set them up.


First, log in to Google (using your Google email address as username and your password).

Next, go to the Google Alerts home page.

This is what it will look like:

Google Alerts page for set up

After you log in to Google, this is the page where you set up Google Alerts.


Set up a search query for your name, the title(s) of any book(s) you have written, and/or any of your core keyword phrases you’d like to monitor the web for. (For example, I monitor the web for mentions of “social media marketing” and “social media for small local business”. I get a daily digest via email.)

That’s it. Just follow the on-screen directions to choose how many results you want to get and how often you want to get them.

Give me an email shout out if this isn’t clear or you get stuck at any point.


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