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Digital Marketing Hub Plan: Website Content + Social Media Management Services

Power up your online visibility and engagement with prospects and customers with our Digital Marketing Hub Plan’s package of social media management services from Social Biz Local Biz.

Get more eyeballs on your business and more customers through your doors with the power of:

Website + Social Media

To attract more customers or clients and make more sales of your products or services, your website should be a marketing hub working together with your social networking accounts online to draw more of your ideal clients to your website offers and through your doors.

We will optimize and maintain website pages and blog posts (and maintain weekly back-up and security of your WordPress site, if WP is your website platform). We will re-purpose your written marketing materials to produce website pages and blog posts. (You are responsible for producing your own content on-going. We’ll just use what you have–and make suggestions for improvements.)

We will optimize and maintain your Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn  and Google+ accounts.

We will administer your pages and accounts to keep them updated, interactive and interesting on a daily basis. We will post daily, draw interaction and attention to your pages and social streams, follow related Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and Google+ pages.

We will grow your visibility–and grow your engagement.

We’ll execute a daily and weekly set of tasks to get those eyeballs on your business, your products and services and your special offers.

Marketing Hub Plan– Social Media Management Monthly Package

Here’s what we’ll do for you to grow your online presence and attract more customers and make more sales with the power of a website/blog plus social media:

  • Provide you with a basic “Getting Started” strategy and a schedule telling you what YOU need to do and when (and what we’re doing and when).
  • Set up your social networking accounts (if you don’t have them). (No set up fee. Custom graphics/branding is extra.)
  • Provide you with a suggested website/blog content calendar including a keyword/hashtag map and strategy.
  • Plan and implement your social networking and social marketing system.
  • Support you with training emails to power up strategies for increasing your visibility and your network using local search and social media networks.


3 daily posts on your social networks to keep you active and visible (and attracting new business)

Accept your friend requests and make relevant connections.

Interact with your audience in real time.

Grow your interest lists in Facebook, your circles in Google+ and your following and lists in Twitter.

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is optimized with keywords and that you get exposure in some important and active groups.


“Like” and follow 5-10 new accounts on Facebook/Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn

Provide and post a weekly “viral” graphic

Provide a weekly “round up” blog post

Backup and maintain your website’s security


Updated content calendar

Monthly reports/stats

You can keep tabs on your progress by checking your accounts as often as you like, but we’ll send you a monthly report of activity and progress in your accounts. We’ll also send you alerts now and then via email to let you know if we think you should respond personally to messages in any of your accounts. (We can’t answer customer service types of questions ourselves, so we’ll want you to respond to customer inquiries.)

BONUS: Social Biz Local Biz Membership (access to social media marketing resources, private forum for interaction and a monthly clients-only Q & A  call).


Per month $697.00 (no contract)

P.S. If you’re interested in having your social media accounts and pages set up and then you’ll take it from there, click here –>Social Media Launch to see your options.

P. P. S. If you want help setting up AND managing your social media marketing, but don’t have the time or inclination to sort through multiple options, set up an appointment to sort out what you need and want by clicking here –> Talk with Kate