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Social Media Assessment: Review Social Media and Plan for Results!

Ready, Set, Go!

Wondering whether you’re on the right track for your business with social media? Need to get started quickly or get re-focused with your social networking and social media marketing?

Work with us to get a social media assessment and plan for results.

Let an expert dig into your marketing, do some clean-up, and come up with targeted strategies that fit seamlessly with your offline marketing and web site promotion.

Social Media Assessment


Review of social media account(s) such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook business page, Google+

Phone consultation (45 min.)

Industry research and social media strategies

Social Media 360°

Deep review of web presence: social media accounts, web site and blog, email and other marketing

Phone consultation (90 min.) & written action plan

Industry research and social media development plan




Kick Start My Social Media for Solo Entrepreneurs

KickStart! My Social Media includes a quick overview of your social networking–your social media account(s) and profile(s) such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook (business page), Google+. In a 45-minute phone consultation and follow-up email we make suggestions for specific strategies that will increase your online presence, audience and and engagement with prospects and customers. You’ll get some ideas about how to leverage your social networking time for better results.

For more details, please visit KickStart! My Social Media.

Social Media 360° for Small Business

The Social Media 360° assessment includes a deep evaluation of your current web presence–web site, blog and traffic strategies, your use of social media, video and email marketing–or lack thereof. We dig into your social media profiles, web site (and blog), email marketing and offline marketing to see what you’re doing (and what your employees are doing) with social media. In a 90-minute telephone consultation and follow-up email we’ll make suggestions for your social media and internet marketing strategies to integrate with your marketing plan and offline marketing activities. Your one-on-one phone consultation will walk you through your results with feedback and suggestions to maximize your results.

For more details, please visit our Social Media 360°.