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Social Media Start Up!: Get Going Quickly, Refine Later

Are you super busy but want to get going quickly and refine later? Social Media Start Up! is for you!

You’re ready to get started with more visibility and get more clients, customers and prospects, but want to put your toe in the water first?

You don’t have to start with a more expensive web site to distribute world-class information and serve your customers and list. Start with social media sites and social networking profiles and pages first. (If you already have a web site, that’s great. Let’s get more traffic to your web site!)

We know that you are busy and want a quick blast-off for your social media marketing. Then you’ll take it from there!

Our Social Media Start Up! Package gives you the peace of mind that your social networking and social marketing won’t have to wait for an elaborate plan or fancy graphics. You’ll add them later.

You’re ready NOW — to get started on more social networking. More local visibility. More fans and followers. More customers, clients and prospects.

Here’s what you can expect as a result of implementing Social Media Start Up!:

  • The first, primary steps to a solid foundation for developing your social media presence.
  • Time and money saved as you get set up fast without the initial learning curve and technical hurdles.
  • The confidence to execute your social media strategy and meet your business goals building from a quick, basic set-up.
  • Future access to some training and support from a team of experts. (We’ll be ready when you are.)

This package includes:

  • Set up of your social networking sites at Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • 30 initial connections across sites.
  • A solid, realistic social media strategy and action plan.
  • A 90-minute Getting Started, “hold your hand”, training session.


Site Set Up
Note: does not include custom graphics
but we will use, integrate and coordinate
with your existing logo

$350 value

1 1/2-hr Get Started Training session

$115 value

Social Media Marketing Plan

$75 value

BONUS: Social Biz Start-up Guide
$47 value

$547 value for $375

Investment: $375

You can pay with a credit card at PayPal.

P.S. Too many sites? Want to start with setting up just one site? Use our per site option for $95.00 per social media account. Buy now…

P.P.S.  Too basic? Want more? –A custom Facebook business page, a full social media strategic plan and road map, or more training and support? See whether you’re ready for our Social Media Foundation package. (More details, here.)