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Why Book A Digital Marketing 360° Session?

Do you want a comprehensive review of your online presence and lead generation net?

Wondering whether you’re on the right track for your business with digital marketing? Need an expert to dig into your whole marketing and come up with targeted strategies that fit seamlessly with your offline marketing?

review of your online presence with Digital Marketing 360

Here’s what you can expect as a result of a review of your online presence with Digital Marketing 360°:

    • Full confidence in your email, social media and web site marketing because you know you are on the right track and can see your results.
    • You know what to do so it’s easy for customers (and potential customers) to find you on the Internet.
    • Search engines “find” what they need to put your business ahead of your competition.
    • Customers will be able to “like” you, follow you and interact with you online — increasing your visibility, engagement, sales and lead generation and nourishing.
    • Your social networking time is focused and your daily tasks are “doable”.
    • Banish Overwhelm.

The Digital Marketing 360° package includes:

    • A thorough review of your online presence — social networking profiles and activity, your web site, your email marketing — and your other, offline marketing activities.
    • A detailed Action Plan plus a 90-minute telephone consultation.
    • Specific directions for setting up and optimizing your online presence. Make your business more “find-able” in Google.
    • Advice about content for your web pages, posts and tweets to attract attention and traffic.
    • “How-to” steps for finding, understanding and taking action on data about traffic to your web site and social media sites.
    • A copy of our Social Biz Startup Guide ($47 value).

Let’s get started with your Digital Marketing 360° — a custom review to help you reality-check your online and offline marketing PLUS a plan with follow up support — and start now to increase traffic, engagement and sales.

Investment: $697

(You can pay with a credit card at PayPal.)

After you pay for your Digital Marketing 360° assessment, you’ll be taken to a form to fill out and submit. Kate will contact you within two business days and we’ll begin the review of your online presence and digital marketing the same day we receive your payment and Digital Marketing 360° form.

Thanks! It’s great doing business with you: one small business to another!

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PPS. If you’re clear what you need to do to grow your online presence and “find-ability” but don’t have the time to get up to speed, check out our Social Media Foundation Package and let us take care of the set-up for you.