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Social Media and BolocoMany local businesses have mailing lists. I’ve put my name on many a clipboard and signed up to get email news from my local kitchen store (cooking classes, yes!) — toy store (new Playmobile shipment, yes!) — bookstore (new mystery novels, yes!) –  and coffee shop (a coupon and double stamps, wow!).

These days, many of my small town main street businesses also use social media to deliver all their good news. I watch Facebook business pages for my coupons and news.

If you have a small, local business, have you thought about how powerful it will be to combine social media and email marketing?

Take a look at the video and see what you think about the best way for you to take advantage of affordable, easy-to-use technology to get more eyeballs on you business, more customers through your doors and more cash in the register!

I’d love to help you get started with social media and email marketing. No time for that? Well, just see how easy it is to sign up at Constant Contact, follow their guidance and get into action. Ka-ching!


To your great Social Biz success!

Kate L Williams, Social Biz Local Biz

Kate L Williams, Social Biz Local Biz