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Social Media Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

Quick Start Tip: Speed up your biz development by letting the experts make short work of your immediate tasks to make your blog and social media express your message and attract your customers and clients. These are the people I turn to to help me build my business. Working with them, I can build my business with ease.

Renegade Tech Consulting

Daryl Lozupone, the Chief at Renegade Tech Consulting,  is our web host and Word Press expert. Have you got his newest WordPress tool–The WordPress Beginner’s Checklist?

Let Daryl reduce your time in the Tech Maze and time spent learning before you are EARNING. Daryl will help you:

  • Express Yourself. Start a Blog
  • Host it. Install and set it up.
  • Customize your theme.
  • Install and configure plug-ins.
  • And make it sing and dance with custom programming!

Quick Start Tip: Engage the attention of your web visitors with a great web design that provides a good experience for your new visitors and repeat visitors. You may be a DIY’er and on a tight budget, but fiddling with web and blog design and development won’t leave you much time for the rest of your work–and won’t provide your visitors with a pleasant browsing experience. You won’t get the results you need without spending 10 times the time that it would take a web expert to get it done.

P.S. Daryl is my partner in a new product, Social Biz Start Up Kit. Grab your copy of one of our fre*e Quick Start Guides:

1800showmehowGet over to 1-800ShowMeHow now and arrange for a Mouse Call or outsource your immediate needs. Let Lee-n-Deb help you get the most from your computer system and Internet access. Keep your focus on creating content for your blog and let Lee and Deb help you:

  • Design and produce your blog banner and ads
  • Format and publish your blog posts, articles and e-books
  • Produce your media: images, video, audio

Quick Start Tip: Speed up your biz development by making sure that your computer system is in the best shape it can be and won’t slow you down–or HORRORS–loose your valuable information. Are you ready to launch into internet marketing? You need the support of a computer hub that hums along with no trouble. Work glitch free and produce valuable marketing media quickly.

Attract Your Niche

Cindy Schulson is a Niche Attraction expert (and my partner in some new group coaching programs). Cindy will make sure that you don’t spend weeks, months or years in marketing activities that don’t get results because you haven’t identified your niche. Spend time being coached by the expert and identify and hone your niche so that all your hard work will get the desired results. Let Cindy help you:

  • Target your market
  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Get faster results

Quick Start Tip: Give your efforts the rocket fuel of clarity and focus. You can spend all the time you want learning about blogging, web design, SEO, article marketing and so many other valuable skills, but you won’t get fast results and build your networks and cash flow in a reasonable time period if you don’t put the foundation of an identified niche under your marketing structure.

MailChimp: Talk about Fr*ee and Low Cost Email Program!

MailChimp is an up and coming email program that offers a fr*ee account for up to 2000 subscribers (one list) and 3000 emails a month! Because it integrates with so many programs that I personally use (Twitter, PayPal, WordPress and FreshBooks to name some–but not all), I have started a MailChimp account. Imagine my surprise when I could access my stats from my blog dashboard without opening my MailChimp account to peak in there. Looks like there’s plenty of training and support available. Comes highly recommended by my webmaster, Daryl Lozupone, over at Renegade Tech Consulting.

Quick Start Tip: An email marketing program needs to be one of your first web-based tools. Try the free30-day trial. An AWeber rep will call you as soon as you start with them and help you get going in a snap. Let the person who calls walk you through your first (or next) experience with email/newsletter marketing. Save your time and your sanity and let them be your guide.