Social Media and Internet Marketing Results with a KickStart!

You need more Social Media and Internet Marketing results? Need a KickStart! for Your Marketing?

You want some quick action and social media and internet marketing results you can see.

You understand that the Secret Sauce for small business marketing is consistent contact over time with customers (and prospective customers), always aiming to extend your reach (more eyeballs on your business), deliver great value to serve your audience, stay top of mind (more credibility and “know+like+trust”), and get more customers and sales.

RESULTS. KickStart! them!

Your primary job as a business owner is Marketing and sometimes it’s what you avoid the most, put at the bottom of your daily action list, or use the shotgun method of scattering your marketing around without much of an idea about whether it’s hitting it’s target.

Sound familiar?

You need the assistance of another pair of eyes and hands to decide what’s next and then come up with a plan of action and a guide. That’s a KickStart!

Our KickStart! services help you get more eyeballs on your business, more feet through your door and more Kaching! in your cash drawer by:

  • Leaving uncertainty behind and choosing the best next steps for your marketing focus.
  • Know what to do right now to increase your online presence and promote your business. (And know what can be left for later.)
  • Move forward with growing more visibility for your business with a short, easy learning curve and the confidence you need to meet your business goals.
  • Accelerate your RESULTS with email marketing, social media marketing, and your website.

To explore our KickStart! packages, pick and click to see the details of the specific KickStart! that is your “get started” preference.

Small Business Digital Marketing

1. KickStart! My Website

The KickStart! My Website package includes a review of your business web site — design, content, navigation, copy PLUS social media and email marketing integration. Get confidently on the best use of your business website, increasing visibility and “find-ability”.  Turn your website into a marketing hub and powerhouse.

For more details, click to see KickStart! My Website Marketing.

2. KickStart! My Social Media

The KickStart! My Social Media package includes a review of your social media marketing–your social media profiles, content and engagement. You’ll be confidently on the right track with a plan and specific strategies that will increase your online presence, audience and and engagement with prospects and customers. You’ll be able to leverage your social networking time for better results.

For more details, please visit KickStart! My Social Media Marketing.

3. KickStart! My Email

The KickStart! My Email package includes a review of your email marketing — your lead generation net, your email management set-up, email broadcasts (newsletters, business news, etc.), content, and engagement. You’ll be confidently on the right track with a plan and specific strategies and steps to build your list, serve your audience with email marketing, and semi-automate your email marketing system to turn more of your leads into customers.

For more details, see KickStart! My Email Marketing.

Web Site KickStart! Social Media KickStart! Email KickStart!
$197 – BUY NOW $197 – BUY NOW $197 – BUY NOW


(You can pay with a credit card at PayPal.)

After you pay for your KickStart! Package, you’ll be taken to a form to fill out online. Submit the form and results are sent to us via email. Kate will contact you within two business days and we’ll begin the review of your site the same day we receive your payment and KickStart Basics form. Thanks! It’s great doing business with you: one small business to another!

P.S. If the KickStart! is too basic for you and you’d like a more comprehensive review of your social media marketing, web site or email marketing, see our Digital Marketing 360 Package.