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KickStart! My Website for Small Businesses

Why Use Our “KickStart! My Website” Package?

Is your website working for you–or gathering “web dust” on the Internet?  A website that isn’t getting traffic and results for your business?

Do you know who visits the website for your small business and what they are looking for? Does your site encourage return visits and track whether visitors explore your site and follow your calls to action?

Here’s what you can expect as a result of a Website KickStart! :

KickStart My Website for small businesses

  • Leave uncertainty about your web site behind and choose strategies to improve your site’s traffic and return visitors.
  • Know what to do right now to have “stand out” visibility and promote your business with your web site.
  • Move forward with growing your business visibility and “find-ability” by people and Google, too.
  • A short, easy learning curve and the confidence you need to make needed changes to your web site marketing.

The “KickStart! My Website for Small Businesses” package includes:

  • A quick overview of your website marketing–your existing  site and website promotion activity.
  • A 90-minute telephone consultation and follow-up written action plan.
  • Suggestions for specific strategies that will increase your online visibility and your engagement with prospects and customers.
  • Ideas about how to leverage your website content and social media marketing and how to measure and increase your Web traffic.
  • A copy of our “KickStart! My Website” Guide and Workbook ($37 value).

Let’s get started now with a fast custom review of your web site to help you reality-check and then improve your web site traffic and sales.

Investment: $197


(Did you know? You can pay with a credit card at PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account.)

After you pay for your “Kickstart! My Website” Package, you’ll be taken to a form to complete which is returned to us via email. Kate will contact you within two business days and we’ll begin the review of your site the same day we receive your payment and KickStart! Basics Survey form.

Thanks! It’s great doing business with you: one small business to another!

P.S. If you’d like a more comprehensive assessment of your web site and social media marketing, please see Digital Marketing 360°.