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Social media marketing is social.In a nutshell: Social media marketing is SOCIAL. We can help. But we can’t do it all for you. Making real connections and lasting friendships and partnerships needs YOU to get into the dance of social media marketing.


Sorry to be a “Katie Downer” but we can’t do this for you.

We can help you with social media marketing.

We can help you with strategy and tactics.

We can help you with a marketing and content calendar.

We can help you learn some valuable techie stuff so you’re more techie independent.


Social Media Marketing is SOCIAL!

(Yes, that’s me raising my voice.)

When you decide that it’s time to get help with social media marketing for your small business, remember that it is consistency that counts (and we can help with that). And one thing that has to be both socially “you” and consistent is developing conversations and responding to people online who are trying to connect with you.

We can’t have an authentic conversation for you. That’s the part you have to do.

And if you don’t respond, what may happen is this: Your “list” will grow at Facebook, at Twitter, at Google Plus (You Tube, Pinterest, etc.) but your number of REAL connections, conversations and quality friendships and partnerships will not grow and develop.

Social Media Management as Party Planning

When you engage with us as social media managers, treat it like planning a wedding. Your wedding planner will plan and manage the infrastructure for a great party where people will meet each other and make friends. She may even attend the wedding as an honored guest, make toasts and introduce people to each other getting them started on a conversation.

But whether those friendships blossom and mature during the party and after is completely over to the people having the conversation. They are the ones who will call each other the next week and make a coffee date to discuss the book marketing ideas they started to share. They will telephone each other for advice when they are stuck in their respective offices and attacking a business issue or customer service problem.

Even if you are a recluse, the most introverted person you know, you have to put your own fingers on the keys and …

Participate in the conversation!

End of rant. I love all my clients but sometimes I need to pull you back into the marketing dance. Bear with my rants and raves.

To your social media success!