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Social Biz Local Biz presents social media training: classes, workshops, talks, seminars, parades, dances (Sometimes we’ve just got to have fun for the sake of it! You, too?) All Social Biz social media training will be posted as Facebook events as well as here at the Social Biz Local Biz Events page. Each event will have its own sign up page and the link posted here AND at Facebook. You only need to sign up once (unless you really want to give me your money twice? LOL Didn’t think so.).

How to Sign Up for Social Biz Local Biz Events:

1. Click on the link provided in the event announcement or invitation.
2. Sign up at the Event page.
3. Pay for the event (unless, of course, it’s FRE*E, and there will be lots of those).
4. Watch for the confirmation email in your email inbox and click on the link provided to confirm your registration and attendance.

Thanks for your interest in Social Biz Local Biz and see you at our upcoming Events!

To your great Social Biz success!

Kate Williams, Chief Social Media Enthusiast





Kate L Williams, Social Biz Local Biz

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