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what our clients say

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Testimonials: What our clients say:

What I loved and appreciated about working with Kate as my website designer is that she not only was really willing to tweak and play around until I felt satisfied with the look and functionality of the site in terms that made sense to me; but she was (and continues to be) also superb at tutoring me in working with WordPress itself.  She offers clear concise how-to instructions along with the visual aid of screenshots which then makes it so easy to perform tasks that are otherwise beyond my non-techie brain! This tutoring element makes Kate, in my book, a perfect choice for those who not only want a good-looking site, but also the added bonus of learning how to maintain the site themselves.

Susie Thomas,

From being a complete beginner, I have learned how to: operate WordPress and Mail Chimp; set up a capture page and create a web site; create my free report; incorporate PayPal and much, much more. In fact, the complete package you need to set up a business on the internet.

This I would have found impossible without the help and support of Social Biz Startup Kit. Kate and Daryl have patiently steered me through this learning process and I am so delighted with my results, which I would have never been able to achieve on my own. 

Any service that is willing to go that extra mile to get you up and running is well worth the investment. Therefore, I totally recommend Social Biz Startup Kit  to anyone who is looking for guidance and assistance in launching their business on the web.

Lucinda Tinsley,
Life Guiding Astrology
Southport, Merseyside UK

When I started the Social Biz Startup Kit training I had been through several other training coarses that left me with questions I couldn’t find the answers to. Kate and Daryl were right there to answer any questions I had with Socail Biz training. They made sure I understood what I needed to do. Daryl gave detailed instructions on Word Press and Kate gave instructions on finding our niche and keywords, everything I needed to get up and running. All that information is still available to me, so when I have a problem I go back and search the training materials. A training course that gives that kind of service is worth it’s weight in Gold.

Joan Bail Sturgis, South Dakota

In an increasingly complex world, now complicated by myriad avenues of social media, it is critical for the entrepreneur as well as the business owner to understand and use these sources productively. But how to begin?

For writers today, the transit from manuscript to publication has changed exponentially. While people are discussing the differences between ebooks and print, less recognized is the other end of publication: promotion. Years ago, the publisher was the primary pusherto sell the author’s work. Now, however, with few exceptions, the authors must develop their own ‘platform’ and be prepared to promote the work themselves. The essential resource is’social media.

As a complete neophyte to the entire social media network, I was stymied, uncertain as to how to begin and then, when I tried, was soon overwhelmed. Happily for me, a few members of a local writers group invited Kate Williams to give a hands-on workshop. Most of us had no experience with developing our own web site, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or any of the other streams of social forums now considered essential for every serious author. The clarity of her presentation, patience, encouragement, exceptional understanding of social media services and her ability to relate to the particular needs of writers, convinced me to hire her to help me launch my own platform.

Kate Williams is now my guru. Thanks to her, I have an excellent web site, a weekly blog, and numerous contacts and connections throughout the social media world. And, to top it off, I have every writer’s dream: I just write my blog and Kate takes care of everything else (like all those confounding acronyms that must be deciphered (ISO anyone? Or is it SOI?), tag words researched and all interconnected to the various sites. Furthermore, as each site expands, Kate ensures that, little by little, I understand the technical aspects so that in the future I can handle everything myself.

I highly recommend Kate L Williams. As the identifier with her brand name notes, she truly is the Small & Local Business Champion.

Dr. Patricia Bloom, Camano Island, WA, USA
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