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Successful Small Business Marketing: Three Essential Elements for a Social Biz Foundation

Whether you are a small business owner, solo entrepreneur working, or internet marketer, there are three essential success factors, the elements for establishing a successful online presence and business enterprise:

1. You: your knowledge, experience and message.
2. Your audience: your target market
3. Your solutions: your products, programs and/or services

Your highest priority task is to identify (or review) your story and message, the market that is the audience for your message, the problems your market is seeking solutions for, and what you offer as solutions for your market.


Target Market or Niche?

Don’t let semantics get in the way of the real work to do here: defining the Who, What, When, Why and How for your business enterprise. Whether you can explain the concepts—target market or niche—is not very important. Answering these questions is important:

What essential knowledge, experience and message do I bring to my new business?
Who will benefit most from my knowledge, experience and message?
If my aim is to reach and influence as many people as possible with the benefits I bring to my market, which specific group of people sit in the center of my marketing bulls eye? What do I know about them?
Why are the people in my target market going to choose me and my business? My products? My services? What distinguishes my business from others?
How am I going to reach people in my target market? How will I follow up? How will people buy from my business? How will I provide customer service and support?

Business Stability

Business stability is the primary result of a well-built Social Biz foundation. Your initial “three-legged stool” will provide the foundation for all the other layers of your business. You’ll put the pieces into place and then launch into marketing and sales, repeating what works over and over to generate business development income. Once you establish one stable “always on” income stream, you’ll be able to move on to the next….and as many new income streams as you have the time and energy for in your business future.

Getting Off to a Great Social Biz Start

In our Social Biz Start calls and tutorials, we will address Your Social Biz Foundation.

We hope you’ll join us to build a stable foundation for your Social Biz.

We are looking forward to meeting you on our Social Biz Quick Start calls and answering your questions about your small business marketing plan for your market or niche.

To your great Social Biz Start success,

Kate & Daryl

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