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Why WordPress?

When starting a website, one of the fundamental questions is what platform to use. Do you want to build a website from scratch, or are you looking for a content management system (CMS) that will handle a lot of the technical issues and allow you to focus on creating content?

Most people choose the CMS approach. It allows them to get up and running more quickly than building a website from scratch (or contracting someone to build it for them).

The question then becomes which CMS should you use. There are many out there. But my answer is always, unequivocally, WordPress.

Why WordPress?

There’s a multitude of reasons why WordPress is your best choice. But they can be summarized into three main points:

1. Resources and Support

According to, WordPress is currently used on approximately 82% of all websites powered by blogging software. Because of this, there are a huge number of addons (called plugins) and themes available for WordPress. Want to show video on your site? Add a plugin. Want to integrate with your autoresponder? There is most likely a plugin for that. Want to change the look and layout of your site? Find a different theme.

With so many websites out there using WordPress, you can rest assured someone has tried to do what you want to do and has a solution you can incorporate into your site.

2. Ease of use

Creating websites, whether a blog or more traditional website, is easy with WordPress. Simply configure a few settings (we recommend the WordPress Beginner’s Checklist to guide you), write content, and market your website address.

If you have used a word-processor before, this is a breeze. And if you have not, you will still be creating posts and pages in no time.

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3. Open Source

WordPress is open source software. What that means is the software is free (as in money) to use and free to modify to your heart’s content. There is no fee to use the software (although you will most likely have to pay web hosting fees to have a place to house your website). And you get access to the actual source code used to make the software work.

That second point may seem irrelevant if you are not inclined to be a programmer, but it has implications for you. Open Source software (where source code is available to everyone) tends to be much more secure than closed source alternatives. The reason is that security vulnerabilities are found much more quickly simply because there are so many people examining the code. And the WordPress developers are very quick to respond to fix any holes that are found.

WordPress is a No-Brainer

With WordPress’ wide community support, the abundance of themes and plugins available, and strong security, choosing WordPress to power your internet hub is the easiest decision you will have to make in your business.

We are looking forward to meeting you on our Social Biz Quick Start calls and answering your questions about WordPress and web site promotion for your business.

To your great Social Biz Start success,

Kate & Daryl

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